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Benefits of adding WP plugins

by Paul Watson

Many people want to make a new o update their existing website. In such a case, they want to use WP plugins to add more functionality to the website. Some users want to add the plugins to the entire website while some want to have these plugins on certain pages only. The WP Plugins help to increase the branding and functionality of the website. There are many elements which can be addd to the top of the website through these plugins. In this article we will discuss those elements.

Sticky social media share buttons

Social media has become a means which is used to increase the views of a website. It has been estimated that around 25 to30% of the traffic can be increased with the help of social media. This figure can be low or high for the websites. It is so because of the availability of the content present on the website. A WordPress and numerous plugins so people can use them to increase the interactivity and responsiveness of the website. Users can attach the social media buttons on the header

Sticky Information Box

There are situations when a website owner wants to provide some information to the visitors. In such a case, an sticky information box can be placed either on the header on or on the sidebar. This information box will also help the website owners to increase trust among the users. Another advantage of tis element is that it is easy to implement.The owner can include important information along with his email id in the box.

Sticky Menus

Another important element that website designs can include on the website is sticky menus. https://wpsticky.com/ with anchorsticky menuis an important item on the website and when a user scrolls down the page, the menu remains firm on its place.  The designers can make a mega menu that consists of more elements when the mouse is hovered on the main item. The sticky menus can also be put on the sidebar of there is no place on the top dye to other elements.

Sticky Email Signups

Email is one of the best and the oldest ways that organisationscause to communicate to their clients and customers. Sticky forms are available which can be used to create a list of subscribers to send emails to them. This is the responsibility of the website owner to encourage the users to signup and receive emails. The sticky email signup element can be placed n the sidebar or in the header. It should be placed at such a location that people can easily see and then sign up.

Sticky Ads

This is another great element that can be used to concrete the traffic on the website and lure people to purchase different things. This type of advertising is better than a splash ad or a popup.

Wrapping Up

These are some of te elements that website designers can use to make the website interactive and responsive. These elements are easy to put either on the header or on the side bar. Even theguest posting sites can be benefitted by the use of this functionality.

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