Can you really earn a free amazon gift card in 24 hours?

Earning free amazon gift cards has become incredibly popular in recent years. Many websites and apps claim you can get a gift card within 24 hours. But is this actually true? Flash rewards is a rewards program that partners with various market research brands. When you sign up, take surveys, download apps, watch videos and complete other simple tasks, you earn points called “flash”.

Earning your first 1000 flash

When you first join flash rewards, the site gives you 200 flash just for signing up. That’s already 20% of the way to your first reward! You can then take surveys right away, most of which pay 70-150 flash. Surveys generally take 5-15 minutes to complete. And remember, flash rewards have one of the lowest cashout minimums out there. So, it really is possible to earn rewards extremely fast.

Completing your first redemption

Once you hit 1000 flash, you simply need to:

  1. Go to “rewards” and select your gift card.
  2. Enter the required info (name, email, etc.)
  3. Click “redeem reward”.

Amazon egift cards are delivered automatically to the email you provided. So, you should receive your gift card code within 5 minutes or less after redeeming! Most other rewards sites make you wait several days or even weeks before getting your payout. But flash rewards use an instant delivery system specifically for situations like this. So yes, you really can get an amazon gift card credited to your account in under 24 hours on flash rewards!

Maintaining your momentum

Of course, earning over 1000 flash in one day takes some effort. But the cool thing is, once you get the ball rolling, it gets easier and easier to rack up points. Flash rewards has new surveys, videos and offers added daily. So, there’s always something new to do. Taking just 10-20 minutes per day allows you to redeem multiple rewards per month. You can also install the flash rewards browser extension to get notified whenever new earning opportunities pop up.

Is flash rewards right for me?

Now you know it really is possible to earn an amazon gift card in under 24 hours with flash rewards. Flash rewards is great for people who:

  • have 10-20 mins of downtime per day
  • enjoy taking surveys and discovering new apps/websites
  • want to earn free rewards with very little effort
  • don’t want to wait long payout times to enjoy their earnings

Students, stay at home parents, part-time workers and anyone with a computer can easily fit flash rewards into their schedule. And unlike some rewards sites, flash is available worldwide to anyone 13+. So, it’s an option for most people looking to earn a little extra spending money.

Ready to get your first reward?

As you can see, scoring free amazon gift cards in just 24 hours is totally doable with flash rewards. Their instant delivery system makes fast earnings incredibly convenient. If you’re ready to give it a try, just head over to evaluation of flash rewards reviews! Getting started takes less than 60 seconds. Before you know it, you’ll have earned your first freebie!