Recent times have seen a revolutionary increase in the technological advancements of pro audio speakers. Notably, with new technology and manufacturing techniques, these devices costs have significantly reduced with higher quality than ever before.

It cannot also go without saying how the performance levels of amplifier and driver components in pro audio speakers have reached incredible levels with the new technologies. Every day, different companies are committed to bringing a new injection to the pro speaker’s systems. These are geared towards better and more refined user experience with the robust capability and cutting-edge durability.

With many pro audio speaker products now in the market, buyers have an endless list of options. But the choice cannot be difficult either especially for users who envy that breathtaking bass. In this piece, we are going to see some of the best audio speakers anyone should choose.

PA Speakers

With over 50 years of market dominance, these pro audio speakers in various forms have been providing entertainment to parties, weddings, nightclubs, and the live music scene. A good quality set of 12 or 15-inch PA speakers can offer more than enough good coverage and performance while retaining the simplicity of a two-box system requiring minimal setup and takedown time and are easily transported.

Installation Speakers

When it comes to installation speakers, these brands have evolved from the traditional mounting on rooftops to bars and houses. Today the speakers have taken the markets with a storm with their custom option allowing users to mount them in concrete and hidden spots.

Several speaker brands have delved into this market opening, with custom-designed installation speaker systems being offered to suit all requirements. From a single room to the full multi-room situation, churches, shopping centers, sports centers, and entertainment facilities all require their systems to be visually discreet yet capable of high-performance levels.

Column Array

Column array systems are primarily aimed at vocal performers and live music. The spread and depth of sound field are much more desirable than pure SPL or room-shaking output as they may be performing in a restaurant or other low key venue where a large PA speaker rig would be unwelcome.

Vertical Array

Quickly becoming a fixture in all pro audio speakers manufacturers lineups, the sheer array is a hybrid of the column array and pa speaker, made possible by the significant advances in driver technology and digital amplification modules. Favoring the 6 inches (152mm) diameter speaker, the vertical arrays start with two drivers, going up to four in a stack, joined with a complete dispersion tweeter unit.

Line Array

Unlike traditional speaker systems, a line array is designed to provide a controlled area dispersion in a vertical arc. When flown from truss, banana-shaped” configuration gives an enormous throw and useful definition, with relatively small driver sizes in the individual modules working as one giant sound projector when linked.


A subwoofer is a solution to the full range loudspeakers that struggle to provide bass below a certain point.