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Different Ways to Click Faster

by Paul Watson

In this article, we will tell you about such a technique as a jitter click that will help you to click faster. If you have a mouse without a laser, then you will not have the same speed as on laser ones. You will have 5 clicks per second because there are almost no pressed buttons on the mouse, which are too inconvenient to play with. It is better to use a laser mouse in order to create more high clicking power, namely 15 – 20 – 30cps. To check this info, you can use a click speed test.

Where is the jitter click zone?

The click jitter zone is in the middle of your buttons. Press there many times without vibration, and you will get a jitter click. Well, maybe you can practice with vibration first.

The jitter click zone is the smallest zone, only 0.8 cm wide. This is very close to the edge of the mouse. So, we figured out where to click. Now another question: how to poke? For this, you have to do the following:

  1. Press the key lightly. We recommend that you barely press so that the key goes down a little. Getting used to this, you will learn how to quickly click.
  2. Don’t panic. Never strain yourself while performing a Jitter Click. This will lead to deep keystrokes, slower the click speed, and losing.
  3. Press with your fingertips. Do not grip the mouse with a claw grip since it can also reduce the velocity of the mouse click.

Other Methods to Click Faster

Jitter click is considered to be the most professional way to click fast. However, you can also use a butterfly click. This is really simple: all you need to do is to click your mouse with two fingers at the same time. And you can use cps-check.com to mention that your clicking speed grows.

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