Few Pros and Cons That You Must Know of Installing Windows OS On Mac System

Many people prefer to install Windows even on their Mac. Although, Mac operating system is quite reliable, powerful, and also easy to use. Also, you can access a few powerful free apps, e.g. iMovie and GarageBand that work seamlessly with your Apple devices. However, still many people also install Windows OS on their Mac.

You will find many people are using Windows on their Mac system where Apple created a few utilities dedicated to help them to do Boot Camp. This allows you to partition your Mac system to run on one side Windows and on the other side Mac operating system. 

Let us try to see the various pros and cons of installing the Windows operating system on any Mac system. 


  • You can run those programs that support only Windows OS

There are plenty of games available on your Windows operating system that you can also play on your Mac system. Therefore, if your PC is down for some reason then you can use your Mac system, and can work as usual.

  • Some popular apps may not run on Mac

Plenty of researchers, engineers, architects, and other professionals find themselves only tied to Windows due to a few particular industry-standard software and all of them may not be compatible with Mac OS.

  • Few developers need to check their projects on Windows

Often software developers need to find various bugs on their software in many different platforms to ensure the effectiveness of their software. So, in case they want to check their software on the Apple system this can be useful. 

  • You can enjoy the benefits of both operating systems

Having 2 different operating system in a same PC can offer you a flexibility to work on both the OS by using a single PC. 


  • License costs for Windows

You have to spend a good amount for buying the license of Window software, which is an unnecessary cost to bear. Also, you need to spend a good amount of your time installing the Window in the system.  

Also, for running certain specific apps, you need to install any additional software.

  • Mac viruses can affect window files

While Windows viruses will not infect your Mac files, but if the Mac becomes a source of the viruses then it can infect your PC network and your Windows may get infected, and that may potentially render all the content of your shared folders useless.

  • Keyboard mapping is different 

One annoyance that users may face is the keyboard mapping will be different so things may not be as intuitive. While editing or moving the cursor to the end or beginning of the line, the delete key becomes a backspace key and no dedicated forward delete option is available and also, no dedicated print screen key too.

For regular use of Windows on any Mac system may not be a good idea. However, if you have to work once in a while then you can have Windows on your Mac system.