Cold Emailing Subject Line: Five Tips That Will Help You Get This One Crucial Sentence Right.

Having such a small word count, a cold email subject line has a surprising power to either boost your open rate to the sky or drop your email deliverability to the lowest point, breaking the sequence entirely and nulling your best marketing efforts. No matter what they say, books are still judged by the cover, and a subject line is often the only thing that stands in the way of your cold email getting opened and read. That is why it is crucial to phrase this one sentence right.

But how do you make a top-performing subject line that gets the prospect to pay attention? Here are some tips to help you ace the mastery of email subject line writing in 2022:

Use questions. Asking questions in your cold email subject line is the easiest way to engage with the prospect since it is in our nature to want to find out the answer. Statistically, emails whose subject lines contain a question get a 10% higher open rate. Just make sure the contents of your letter are consistent with the curiosity-inspiring sentence you used to trick the recipient into reading it.

Talk about their specific needs. Addressing the recipient’s pain points in your subject line and promising them a solution inside is the way to go. Even if there is no reply, you will know whether your subject line touched upon a point that was of interest to the reader and made them open the letter.

Inspire curiosity. Much like with questions, subject lines that appeal to emotions and trigger curiosity get a higher open rate. Do not make it immediately obvious to the reader what is awaiting them inside –leave out the best part and encourage them to click the letter open to learn more.

Offer numbers. If you have tight word limits, numbers in your subject line can be handy. They stand out and say a ton without occupying too much space. Besides, numbers contribute to credibility, providing your recipient with the hard evidence they crave.

Inflate the fear of missing out (FOMO). FOMO is a valuable and effective psychological trick to increase your cold email open rates. Nobody wants to miss an exciting opportunity that others have benefited from. Try to instill a sense of urgency with your email subject line and call upon the reader to take action.

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