Helping Your Kids Stay Away from Online Predators

The internet has opened doors to several positive aspects for us and our kids. Both kids and adults can benefit from the world of the internet and social media in different ways. However, the same technology has also brought our kids closer to many severe challenges and risks.

One of those risks is coming in contact with sexual predators. Unfortunately, the internet has become a place where pedophiles lurk. Whether it is a social media platform or a gaming session, the online predator can get in touch with your kid and try to manipulate them until they reach their desired result.

With the rise in the number of sexual abuse and pedophilia cases over the internet, it’s high time parents should get concerned about protecting their kids from them. Installing spy apps for Android and iPhone is one safety measure parents can take to protect kids from sexual predators on the internet.

Keeping kids and teens safe from online predators is important because they are at high risk when they are accessing the internet through their digital devices. Pedophiles usually target young and innocent kids because they know they are vulnerable and can be easily lured into sweet talks.

Below, you can find some tips to protect your kids from sexual predators on the internet. Follow them and keep predators at bay. Read on.

Tell Your Kids About Online Predators

It has been noted that sexual predators mostly target innocent and young children. They also target those who have low self-esteem or those who seem to be lonely. There are many kids who struggle with recognizing who can be good for them and who can be bad especially when they are talking to people online.

This is why it’s important to talk to our kids about online predators. Tell them how they can be detrimental to their mental and physiological health. Teach them to stay away from them because most of the online predators have disguised themselves as kids when actually they are grownups. You can also narrate the latest incidents and news about pedophilia to your kids so they can be alert at all times.

Talk About the Risky Behavior with Your Kids

It’s given that all kids and teens are susceptible to risky behavior when they are using the internet. However, innocent kids, especially those with learning and thinking differences can be more prone to risk.

Since they have a lack of knowledge about adult topics such as sex and drugs, they may want to explore more about them to satisfy their curiosity. This may lead them to talk to online friends about such topics. Now, those online friends can turn out to be predators. Therefore, it’s important to teach your kids to be wary of their online friends.

Not all online friends can be genuine. Also, tell your kids that it is completely normal to be curious about certain adult topics. But, at the same time, also tell them that they should not discuss such topics with strangers on the internet.

Highlight the Dangers of Chat Messengers

Instant chat messengers or instant messaging apps is one of the ways sexual predators can get in touch with kids and teens. Several social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat have instant messaging options where predators can reach out to kids easily.

Being a parent, you must highlight the dangers of these instant chat messaging apps to your kids. You should tell them to avoid having a private chat with someone they do not know, no matter how real and innocent they may seem.

Kids with thinking and learning differences are more vulnerable to predators because they seek friendship and acceptance online that they fail to find offline. Getting into online friendships is easier for them but getting out of them can be a tough thing. This is why parents should install hidden spy apps for Android or iPhone on their kids’ devices so they can monitor their online chats.

Warn Your Kids Against Sexting

Many kids engage in sexting and have flirty conversations when they are talking to their friends on social media platforms. Sexting is also another online threat most kids are exposed to these days. Kids think they are sending inappropriate and sexually explicit content to their friends they can never know the intent of the person receiving them.

Kids must keep in mind that predators are always looking for inappropriate content and want kids to have dirty chat with them and send them explicit photos and videos. You must tell your kids about the behavior that is acceptable online, teach them how to block certain users or posts on social media, and also ask them to report if they experience anything bad on the internet.

Kids should never share their private photos and videos with strangers online. they should also refrain from sending them to their trusted friends. A data leak by someone may lead to several problems for the kids including destroying their reputation. Therefore, monitor your kids’ online chats and stop them immediately if you find them sexting with someone.

Tell Your Kids to Talk to You

As a parent, you must make your kids comfortable enough so that they can come to you and talk to you if or when they face anything bad on the internet. You must make it clear to your kids that they can come to you at any time if they have any questions or worries about the internet or social media.

Gain their trust and give them confidence that they can share anything with you and you won’t get upset if they did anything wrong or broke any rule. Instead, you will help them fight against online threats and teach them how to maintain distance from online predators.