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How having the best web design helps in natural link building!

by Danny White

Ask any digital marketing enthusiast these days and you’ll hear a lot about backlinks, SEO, content and all. But rarely do we hear about web design. After all, who wants to spend time on little things? However, this has started to change recently when Google introduced its Core Web Vitals. And suddenly people started to look for the best web design service around them. While people are still taking link building services like https://digitalwhitelabels.com/services/link-building/, there is a visible shift in the conscience. Businesses are investing in good web design. But we believe people must know what they do.

So, why should you invest in web design? And how does web design help in natural link building?

Why having a good web design is important!

And a note of caution at first – we are not discussing a website designed through website builders. Building a website through website builders is something that hurts more than it kisses. These builders use scripts to create the desired look. But what many people do not know is that these builders heap one script over another. Till the time a website gets finished building, it ends up having 4 to 5 times more script than what would have been there if it was done by a developer. More scripts lead to slow loading speed and thus a fall in SERP ranking.

We are discussing a website designed by a web developer.

When the internet was on a rise, the idea was to call more and more people in. It had to attract people and you cannot do it by telling them that they need to invest. A fine web design was enough to push a business up. At the present date, Google has indexed around 50 billion pages on the internet. Now, the need has shifted towards quality.

In the mid-2021 Google announced that it will be ranking websites based on their web design. The smoother the web design, the better its chances to rank on SERP. And it presented its idea through a story called “User’s Journey”. It compared a user on the internet with a man towards a meeting. How would you feel if you face traffic, broken roads, jammed doors, faulty elevators, and shaking vehicles while going to meet a person in the building? This same happens when a user surfs a website. Most of the websites are terribly slow and poor. This leads to a poor User Experience. And it wanted to treat it. And the result was Core Web Vital.

Core Web Vitals and its relation with SERP ranking!

There is no doubt that Core Web Vitals directly impact the SERp rankings. Google has itself confirmed it. But what actually is the Core Web Vitals update?

Core Web Vitals are a set of few vitals that together decide how good and smooth is a website and how fine the page experience for a user. These are all the web vitals

  • Core Web Vitals
    • Loading Time – LCP (Largest Contentful Paint) – how fast is the website in real time?
    • Interaction – FID (First input delay) – how smooth and fast are clickable things on the website?
    • Visual Stability – CLS (Cumulative Layout Shift) – how fast do the web elements take their place?
  • Other Web Vitals
    • Mobile-friendliness
    • Security
    • Intrusive Interstitials

You won’t make any of these web vitals by using website builders. When you hire the best web design service around you, you ensure your website’s health and your users’ mental health. Nobody likes facing websites that are terribly poor in design and pose security threats.

But, how does a good web design help in link building after all?

The relation between web design and backlinks!

When we talk about search engine rankings, we think of SEO, content, and backlinks to be true. These are the major things that impact a website’s place on the SERP. People look for link-building packages like https://digitalwhitelabels.com/services/link-building/ and then they wait. Although it helps hugely, it alone fails to take a website to the summit it dreams of.

When we talk about making a website rank on SERP, we talk about many things that are interrelated. For example, SEO helps the content be discoverable; good quality content helps in natural link building; good web design and link building helps in gaining higher spots on SERP. Leaving one thing can easily ruin it all.

We will help you understand this using two scenarios – One with poor web design and another with a good web design!

A website with a poor web design!

Suppose you have excelled at all the things from SEO to link building and content quality. You might think that now you must rank on Google and other search engines. But there is competition in this world and it is never easy. Google considers web design as a direct ranking factor, which means that it will change the SERP rankings. Now imagine there is a competitor who has done everything that you have. Additionally, that business has a smooth web design too. Who do you think will Google rank higher? Indeed, your competitor.

Now, studies are that 90% of all users never click on the second SERP page. This means that the fight is for that first page. Almost all of us get what we want from a few of those earlier results. And when we love those results, we share them. This leads to natural link building. It further extends the SERP ranking gorge between you and the competitor. Your competitor has more backlinks and thus a higher ranking. You will fall weaker and weaker by time.

A website with a good web design!

Now take the above scenario and suppose you have hired the best web design service. You will now be ranking on Google and stand a chance to get more natural backlinks. This will help you earn a lot more revenue that you can reinvest to nourish your business.

It is a fact that a good web design leads to natural link building. We all know how we invest thousands of dollars in getting high-quality backlinks. It is tough. Getting natural backlinks is a dream that not many get to relish.

So, if you are planning for the digital success of your business, know that things are related and you cannot leave one. Invest in some exceptional link-building companies like https://digitalwhitelabels.com/services/link-building/ . Furthermore, work on SEO and write quality content. And at last, do not forget to hire the best web design service around you. This will help you gain that dreamy top-spot on SERP.

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