How To Get Your iPad Screen Replaced When Broken?

iPad Screen

Apple iPads are truly expensive. So, no one tries to replace iPad screen once it is broken. It is because Apple doesn’t provide security for the accidental damages but for the damage resulting from the manufacturing fault.

So, if you’ve got your iPad screen broken accidentally, you can’t claim it to Apple’s company. Moreover, the warranty for manufacturing damage prevails for only one year. So, if the screen of your iPad is broken, get ready to spend money on it.

In this article, the discussion will be about the ways you can adopt to get your iPad screen replaced or fixed. In short, everything you need to have in your head for getting out of this problem.     

Outreach To Apple For Getting It Fixed

No doubt, Apple holds the damage warranty (only manufacturing, not accidental) for one year only but it also provides you with the facility of AppleCare. Getting your iPad screen repaired through AppleCare can be proved very cheap!

AppleCare charges $99 for the two years services assurance. In this package, it holds repairing or replacement for two incidents of accidental damage, each damage costing a $49 service fee.

AppleCare falls in the category of purchase service. It’s upon you to either buy it or not. However, it’s better to have AppleCare when you are dealing with a broken iPad screen.

If you aren’t holding the facility of AppleCare, the replacement of an iPad screen can cost you as much as a new iPad.

 However, Apple provides this service (without AppleCare) anywhere from $199 to $599 (+tax), depending upon the model.  That’s a really big amount, in fact, to pay for!

If you don’t have access to the Apple store, the other option to reach it is by mailing your device to Apple for a shipping fee of $6.95.

Third-Party Can Also Do It For You

Other than Apple Company, there are several places you can opt to get your iPad screen fixed/replaced. These places are non-Apple repair shops.  

The disadvantage of it is that Non-Apple repairer can invalidate Apple’s warranty for your iPad.

However, if you no longer hold the warranty for your Apple iPad or the warranty time is over, you can choose any third party to fix your iPad’s screen.

Make sure that any third party repairing your shattered screen stands behind the quality and warranty of their work as they are nullifying Apple’s warranty for your iPad.

The other things you must consider when moving towards this option is that how much they will cost, time for repairing,  type of warranty, and the source of their replacement parts.

Don’t Go For DIY Tutorials

On YouTube and many other platforms, a large number of tutorials is present on replacing iPad screen. Believe us; it is just equivalent to destroying your iPad yourself. So, don’t go for DIY tutorials for repairing your iPad screen.

Mostly in these tutorials, it is taught to change the glass over the touchscreen, which is a quite difficult task. It is because you need to separate the glass from the touchscreen and then stick a new glass on it with glue.

Moreover, doing it yourself also void Apple’s warranty, and if something goes wrong, there will be no one you can turn to for a claim. So, the best recommendation, in this case, is to leave this to professionals.

Running Short On Cash? Deal It Yourself!

If there’s little to no money in your wallet for getting your iPad screen fixed, try to do something pretty better.

Like, if the cracks are not that tiny or are on the edges (e.g., don’t interfere while using), buy a glass screen protector for safe swiping.   

Wrapping Up

In the light of the above discussion, it is an extremely challenging task to replace iPad screen. As it is an expensive process without AppleCare, you can go for the non-Apple repairers. But, please, don’t try to fix it yourself as it can result in irreversible damage.