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How to Increase Your Website Traffic with The Listing Website?

by Paul Watson

Let’s speak the unspoken, “SEO is time-consuming”. We all know the wait is killing, but do you want to leave it alone, after all, it is organic, hence no money spent. Being hugely dependent on SEO might not be a good idea, we have social media and other amazing easy ways to get traffic on your website, but advertising always takes money. And if you need something all for free, you can’t just avoid the importance and benefits of optimizing the search engine for traffic and backlinks, be it at the expense of time.

So, if we have to do it lets do it the ‘smart-way’, here is how you can increase your website traffic with listing websites. So, let’s get started.

Building an Industry-Specific Directory

People go online all the time to find things. They trust sites that specifically provide them results as per their interest and that will fulfill their requirements. Building a niche-specific directory will help you boost your SEO. And there are higher chances that people will come on your website to browse through the products and services you cater to. You can go for a niche-specific directory or choose to go for the general directories, but remember to add proper categories and subcategories on the generalized directory to make navigation simpler for the users.

Promoting Your Directory

Yes, you can promote your business in the directories even. It will be more specific and people coming daily on your site to search for your services will be more reachable. Always go for the directories that have a good Alexa rating. Promoting your directory is easy, you can use social media, and also it serves as a good tool to optimize search engines for traffic and backlinks. Get more visibility on the directories will improve your ranking on the directories even.

Ratings, Reviews, Feedbacks and Comments

Never say no to ratings and reviews, people are highly attracted to genuine ratings and it is a good way to make a purchase decision. The business listing site gives your users an option to comment and review your services. Here is a secret, did you know Google always shows a business that has higher ratings and positive reviews first. It is a good way to get more customers.

Allow Indexing

There is no meaning in doing business listing if you are not allowing search engines to index the links. You will not be benefitted by those backlinks, and for this reason alone, you must allow indexing of their links.

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