How to Select an SEO Partner

Many small businesses, after building a great website, have observed that they get little traffic and not many, if any, new leads from their website. Why?  Because their website is basically invisible since it cannot be found in Google search engine result pages. The key to increasing traffic to a website is by appearing in the first few pages of a Google search.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an excellent means of improving a website’s ranking in Google search pages. SEO is a labor-intensive and specialized set of tasks which help Google associate a website with specific keywords. It is not reasonable for a company to develop their SEO skills in-house because it would distract from their core business functions.  It much better to outsource SEO efforts to a partner who does SEO all day.

SEO providers seem to be a dime a dozen; small to medium-sized businesses in New Jersey have plenty of options when it comes to SEO services.  How to select the right NJ SEO company?

There are different approaches to SEO.  Some providers merely do “onpage” SEO which means they will only modify the website itself and not execute all the other available SEO tasks.  Onsite-only SEO has little chance of success.

Based on an analysis of the site and company goals, a good NJ digital marketing firm will make a plan which includes “detoxing” any bad links associated with the website and a keyword analysis to determine the search terms that will likely yield the best results. They will strategically choose websites from which to link back to the website.

The SEO firm will use skilled designers and  writers who can create engaging content such as articles and blog posts related to the products or services the company offers and then they will promote those pieces aggressively.

It is likewise important that the NJ SEO consulting company keeps the customer well-informed of how the SEO campaign is going and adjust as needed.

Read this infographic from Landau Consulting to learn more about selecting your SEO partner.