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How To Start And Grow A COVID-19 Safe On-Demand Taxi Business?

by Paul Watson

The wary post-pandemic world has shifted to on-demand taxi services to avoid the hazards of public transportation. Uber Taxi app has become immensely popular because of its real-time user interface and also for its customizable app-based solutions. It is estimated that by 2021, there will be a 50-55% growth to the on-demand industry. This has encouraged more and more entrepreneurs to invest in this business. Uber Clone is a software solution that enables the ease of transportation for the rider and the driver. The user-friendly features and easily customizable tools of this software have made it possible for up and coming businessmen to customize their own on-demand taxi business. 

How Uber Clone Can Benefit Me?

Uber Clone helps easy monitoring of resources and the user can also assess the sanitization and hygiene level of the ride. The program also offers alerts and updates to the customer and ensures smooth tracking of the ride. Hence, there has been a remarkable boost to the on-demand industry.

The features are easily modified to accommodate various facilities and selections based on consumer responses. For instance, the software enables the choices of the type of cars like SUV, sedan, etc based on the choice of the user.

Furthermore, the software provides convenient management of the fleet of cars and other vehicles along with regulation of inventory.

How Can I Create a COVID – 10 Protected On-Demand Taxi Business?

 Some real-time COVID – 19 safety features that are beneficial for Uber Clone end-user include the following:


  • Restricting Passengers


Government prescribed social distancing measures mandate only 2 riders per taxi. Additional features to limit the passengers include charging a specified amount for additional seating space.


  • Face Mask Protection


Uber Clone enables both the rider as well as the driver to upload selfies to be checked by the admin. This ensures strict compliance with safety regulations


  • Confirmation of Safety Standards


A safety checklist has to be updated and confirmed by the riders and drivers alike. This is to be monitored and updated by the admin panel.


  • Ratings and Reviews 


Ratings, reviews, etc can help organize the on-demand traffic. The rider or driver can accordingly choose a ride which he deems safe and which receives positive reviews.


  • Ride Cancellation


Uber Clone ensures that both the rider and the driver are given the option to cancel the ride. This is a handy tool especially if safety standards or sanitization protocols are not duly met. 

Thus, the on-demand taxi business requires careful consideration of the factors, especially in the post-pandemic scenario. Although the business in itself is extremely lucrative, everything depends on adequate implementation. If the wrong features are used or a protocol is not thoroughly monitored or adequately implemented, it jeopardizes the entire business. 

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