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Need To Convert Website to App

by Clare Louise

Our world is changing at a fast pace. People amazed by running an online business through business websites now have to think big to become relevant for smartphone users. You might have a responsive website in today’s world. However, that will not help you drive a large audience towards your business that uses smartphones and are in love with using mobile apps.

Mobile apps are becoming more popular. If you are a publisher who got the website, you need a mobile app to help you reach out to a large population using smartphones.

Since the use of smartphones is on the rise, you need to convert website to app. So, here are a few reasons you need to ride this current trend of creating mobile apps.

Be Ready For The Future Of Technology

You cannot deny the facts the smartphones are the technology of the future. No more people use the PC for surfing. The small pocket devices called smartphones have taken the place of our PC when it comes to internet browsing.

Here are a few stats that can help you understand the importance of Mobile technology

  • There will be around 6.1 billion smartphones user in the year 2020
  • 70% of the world smartphone user are going to use the app to enable a mobile phone
  • 86% of mobile user time is spent on some app

Apps Give You Visibility

You get the next level of online visibility when you convert website to app. Firstly, the user will be aware of your brand as your app present on their phones. Moreover, to get maximum customer, all you need is to put your app on the Google Play or App Store. If the user is interested in your brand on content, they can download your app from Google Play or App store, which gives you the reach for a larger audience.

Secondly, with the mobile app, you can provide users with a daily experience. App gives you the power to control the subconscious of the user if you play the game right.

Audience Enjoy the App Experience

Accessibility is another reason why you need to convert website to app. The users like to engage with the things that are easy to access. When you convert website to app, you can share your content with the user at just your fingertips. The user only needs to click on your app icon, and they get to use all the features and got through your content. Moreover, your app users get to share your app with other people, which leverages how you can reach new customers.

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