Quick Guide on How to Use IGTV for Businesses

Instagram is an amazing platform where e-commerce is done effectively and business owners reap the benefits. One ancillary of Instagram is IGTV which was introduced to make video-making effortless and high-yielding. Many entrepreneurs around the globe are using this feature to take their produce to consumers in other extremes of the world.

What is IGTV?

IGTV is an Instagram tv that was introduced in 2018 to provide users with the option of posting videos without time constraints. Before the advent of IGTV, users were able to publish a one-minute video only. This had many drawbacks. So, Instagram came up with the element to offer users the feature of posting videos with a time limit of  60 minutes. This allowed room for business owners and influencers to express their views and everything they wanted to talk about their products and business.

How to Use IGTV for Your Business?

  • Start with who you are and what you do

Always begin by introducing yourself and your purpose of presence on the Instagram platform. Your followers will possess knowledge of your business as they are in touch with you frequently. Outsiders would want to know your stream of business and also a gist of everything you do. So, it is advisable to begin your videos with a short introduction about yourself and your business. A brief description of your product or service will help them to understand if they are in the right place. A fake description will not get Instagram IGTV views.

  • Talk about your product genuinely

Being truthful to yourself and your followers is the foremost essential part of IGTV. Publishing things that are unreal will affect your business adversely. So be cautious about every little thing you talk about your product on Instagram. Because a little flaw or promise that cannot be kept up can turn fatal for your business. So, make sure to reveal only the facts about the product and not to state things that are unreal to sell your product.

  • Keep it short and simple

Always make it a point to keep your content and also your IGTV videos short and simple. Too much of complications and technical terms in the videos might confuse the viewer and also a state of boredom may spread among them. A short but catchy one-liner itself has the potential to achieve things that a 60-minute video cannot do. So, be sure to be interesting and simple at the same time. 

  • Post quality content

Quality should never be a letdown while creating an IGTV post. Compromising on the quality of the content is directly related to the fate of the business and your product. Consumers always look up to the way a product is presented to them which means your content gets registered in their minds even before the actual product. So, be conscious and wise while you work on your content for the product. Additionally, you can also buy Instagram reels likes to further enhance the reach of your IGTV posts. 

  • Promote your brand effectively

Effectively promoting your brand means taking all the possible steps to make the product get the maximum reach. Only when you promote your product, people will understand the purpose of your presence and the structure of your business. Prompting a brand on Instagram can be done by a variety of means including Instagram ads, using the aid of influencers, and running paid promotions. All these means will effectively take your brand concept to the sight of the consumers. So, use IGTV effectively to promote your brand.

  • Increase your sphere of audience

IGTV can be used as a source to take your business to all spheres of Instagram users. Make sure not to work only for your existing followers only. Your mission should be to reach the maximum numbers. So, always have a vision that is more than the count of your already existing followers.

  • Communicate with the end-user

Always take time to talk with your followers. Also, getting your loyal customers to open up their true reviews on the products will help you get established strong. Replying genuinely to all their comments and inquiries about the product will develop a sense of trust among them. Direct messages are one way of interacting with the end user. This will also increase the rate of your success. 


E-commerce has taken marketing to the next level where everything is done within a radius of your comfort space. Entrepreneurs and business owners around the world are finding innovative ways to take their businesses and products to the doors of consumers.

By now you would have understood that Instagram is more than enjoying reels and sharing funny memes. Instagram has become a serious business. Tonnes of business is taking place on Instagram every single day. By now, you would have got an understanding of how things work on IGTV. Hope our article has served its purpose of providing you with guidance on using IGTV for business.