Should You Be Worried About the Deplatform Efforts of Social Media Giants?

Censorship of information can be detrimental to society, no matter the reasons it is being done. Often, censorship is carried out under the label of protection, but is there a more sinister reason for its existence? Undoubtedly, big tech plays a tremendous role in the censorship of information. Social media giants continue to deplatform many voices, but how long will Americans sit back and allow it to happen?

Deplatforming Is Being Used More Than Ever

Do a simple Internet search on deplatforming and it is easy to see this is a hot topic. From the former president of the United States to many other voices, deplatforming is slowly eroding free speech, and it is likely to worsen.

It seems everyone should be concerned about censorship, but not everyone is taking it seriously. Many are coasting along for the ride, thinking it is only happening to the “other guy” when it is really going to eventually hit everyone.

Free Speech Is Not as Protected as Americans Think

Many people lean on the First Amendment and mistakenly believe that it fully protects their rights. What they do not realize is their rights are limited. Yes, the First Amendment prevents the government from censoring its people. Unfortunately, the First Amendment does nothing for freedom of speech in the private corporate world.

Anyone who values their rights should be concerned about the venture into free speech abandonment. As deplatforming becomes the norm, how much further will free speech issues expand? Americans must hold big tech responsible and let them know free speech is a right that should continue to be valued.

Big Tech Censorship Is Legal

Many people mistakenly believe big tech has no legal right to censor people on its platform, but this is not entirely true. The First Amendment only protects against government infringement. Private corporations have the right to censor. They can threaten the loss of usership, employment, and income.

Allowing private corporations this right is a slippery slope that many say could lead to problems with shadow government intervention. People need to be aware of the dangers of losing their free speech rights and that it begins with the involvement of big tech.

What Can American Citizens Do?

Many people feel powerless over the censorship that is taking place across the country. They may wonder what they can do, if anything, to protect the rights of free speech for all. Of course, money does talk, and many people have deleted their social media accounts with big names like Facebook. But, with no viable platform alternative, masses of people feel disengaged and stuck.

It will be interesting to see what Congress does when faced with increasing pressure to reign in the reach of social media giants. Will they continue to cave to the influence of social media platforms or will they tighten the controls and prevent these corporations from wreaking havoc on Americans’ free speech rights? Only time will tell, but it is certain Americans must do everything they can to ensure their free speech rights remain intact.