Top 5 Kids Phones Worth Acquiring for Your Child

About 53% of kids in the US own a smartphone. And, it’s no doubt that technology has since found become part of our daily life. New sophisticated devices come up each day, and you’ll be spoilt for choice when shopping. If you’re planning to gift your child, a phone is an excellent choice. To acquire other tech devices like laptops, PCs, or cameras, the Tech Review Site will guide you.

Check out the best phones for kids:

  1. Google Pixel 3a

The Google Pixel 3a is the way to go for selfie lovers. It features a high-performance camera that’s way better than most flagship gadgets. What’s more? With a fancy 5.6 OLED screen and a mid-range processor, the Google Pixel 3a can efficiently run most games. For music lovers, the device also has something to offer. It features a headphone jack, and you can plug in your headphones to listen to your favorite sweet tunes. 

  1. iPhone SE

The iPhone SE is a true definition of sophistication and is ideal for avid gamers. Your child can play the most intensive games on this device. It features a high-resolution camera for high-quality images. It comes with a 4.7-inch screen and is favored by teens for obvious reasons-it’s trendy and easy to use. 

 Can I tell you more? The iPhone SE supports specific game controllers like Xbox Wireless, Play Station DualShock 4. It also has an optional Apple Arcade subscription, and you can use it to access different quality games suitable for kids of different ages.

  1. Samsung Galaxy A51

The Samsung Galaxy A51 offers mid-range performance and is ideal for kids. It boasts of an attractive 6.5-inch screen display is a plus for video lovers. It features four cameras and suits all kids who are fascinated by photography. It also captures great photos, whether indoors or outdoors. It’s a great pick for kids who keep checking their phone notifications, thanks to its Always-On feature.

  1. GizmoWatch

The GizmoWatch is ideal for kids ages three to eleven. It only allows the kid to receive calls from up to ten people pre-approved by parents. You can use it to set up to 20 simple pre-written text messages that your child can send. It also enables you to track your child’s location.

  1. Nokia 3310

The old-fashioned Nokia 3310? Of course! It isn’t flashy, but there are numerous reasons to acquire this. The device is robust and has a great battery life. It doesn’t connect to Wi-Fi and has no apps. What makes it an excellent choice for your kid? kids’ online safety is a nightmare for most parents.

The lack of digital frills on the Nokia 3310 is a plus. With this device, you won’t have to snoop on your child to check what they are posting on social media. After all, you can still use it to text or call.

The bottom line

There are countless kid’s phone models to pick from, and you can always get one to match your budget. The next time you go shopping, choose a phone that matches the needs of your child. Know what your child loves and get a device with amazing features.