Top Hidden Benefits Of Online Reputation Management

In an increasingly well-connected world where the importance of each of our digital reputations is greater than ever, the benefits of online reputation management are becoming more and more widely appreciated. These include strengthened trust, improved credibility, and a more robust brand image.

With that said, among the many positives directly linked to online reputation management, some of the top benefits may, perhaps, be initially overlooked. While the focus is often placed squarely on more immediate concerns, a leading, sometimes hidden perk of online reputation management, for example, concerns the process and its effect on sales.

Boosted sales (by over 50 percent)

Figures show that online reputation management for businesses can help to drive an increase of upwards of 50 percent in sales. Even conservative estimates now suggest that revenue increases of up to 60 percent can be expected for many individuals and businesses keen to seriously bolster their online reputations.

A recent study completed by local marketing tools provider BrightLocal found that as many as 97 percent of people now take a business or individual’s online reputation directly into consideration before dealing with them.

This perfectly demonstrates how online reputation management for businesses is, then, capable of so significantly driving up sales and boosting revenue.

Cyclical results for execs and other individuals

A second frequently overlooked benefit, meanwhile, relates to personal reputation management.

Personal reputation management may initially be seen as distinct from work done surrounding a brand, business, or other organization. However, the two frequently overlap. What’s more, when tackled together, the effects of each can be amplified accordingly.

Business and personal reputation management go hand-in-hand. Where efforts on both fronts are strong and consistent, results are cyclical. Where one is overlooked, though, the other can suffer directly as a result.

Of course, if there’s a distinct separation between a brand, business, or organization and those at the helm, the former can be approached independently with great success. Yet, where the option exists, the potential surrounding personal reputation management, particularly for C-level executives and similar individuals, should not be underestimated.

Put simply, try not to overlook the potentially otherwise hidden perks tied to personal reputation management when broader business-focused steps are already being taken.

Safeguarded long-term success

Finally, a third often-overlooked benefit of tackling reputation management on the web relates to ongoing online reputation monitoring.

A vital part of any online reputation management campaign, a subsequent period of monitoring is essential to safeguard all of the hard work that’s been completed. Monitoring throughout and following a campaign is now considered crucial to both immediate and long-term success.

When executed correctly, ongoing online reputation monitoring can be used to great effect in a number of areas. It can also be used to facilitate a variety of alerts, triggered whenever new information is published concerning any one or more of a range of names, keywords, or other phrases online.

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