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Using Promoted Pin in Pinterest to create conversion

by Paul Watson

Pinterest is a distinctive social networking site that blends Instagram’s visual components with search engine-like functionality to enable users to find and share ideas. During your course at the best Digital Marketing Course in Navi Mumbai we show how Pinterest is a fantastic marketing tool that is utilised across numerous sectors to cater to a variety of consumers. While non-Pinterest users may mistakenly think of the platform as a wedding planning or DIY craft library (which it is still wonderful for), this is not the case.

Advertise on Pinterest

Promoted Pins are the name of the advertisements on Pinterest that are displayed to users based on their interests and prior Pinterest activity. When clicked, Promoted Pins take you to the advertiser’s website rather than opening an enlarged view of the pin within Pinterest. Visually, Promoted Pins are very identical to ordinary pins, but they will read “Promoted by ___” beneath them.

Fast-Growing Platform: Pinterest

There has been a notable increase in internet buying during the past two years. In fact, the company’s self-service advertising tools recently disclosed statistics showing that Pinterest’s advertising audience reach increased by 12.4% over the previous year.

A full-funnel solution, they

Although Pinterest is renowned as the “inspiration” platform, users are really flocking to the site to take action on the inspirational content as well. Advertisers on the platform have the exceptional chance to raise brand recognition not just when consumers are considering their alternatives, but also when they are evaluating their selections and once again when they are prepared to make a purchase.

In essence, Pinterest serves as a one-stop store!

Their clients are willing to spend

The social networking site with the largest concentration of adult users who earn more than $75,000 a year is Pinterest. Facebook has the most users at this income level (which is understandable considering that 77% of all adults online use Facebook), but this audience is diluted by users of all income levels. This implies that you must cut through those other income levels in order to reach that more wealthy audience.

Users are willing to part with their cash

The majority of Pinterest users not only have more money to spend, but they also do so there!

It turns out that 85% of consumers actually completed a purchase after viewing a sponsored pin. This is true of offline retailers as well; 72% of Pinners said they use Pinterest to decide what to buy offline, and 93% of active users said they use it to plan future purchases.

But what about statistics particularly for Promoted Pins? Users that connect with Promoted Pins on Pinterest, however, tend to spend 7 times more than other users. And if that weren’t enough, new customers account for 70% of sales generated from promoted pins! Because of this, Pinterest is the ideal platform for companies wishing to connect with a new clientele.

Reach the women audience

Similar to the majority of other social media sites, 77% of Pinterest’s user base is made up of women. At the best Digital Marketing Institute in Thane we teach how makes Pinterest the ideal site to market high-end eCommerce items. It is popular especially in the culinary and home décor industries (which also happen to be two of Pinterest’s most popular categories). Pinterest users also have greater incomes than the typical person.

However, if guys are your target market, hold off on dismissing this site just yet! The majority of Pinterest’s growth is being driven by Gen Z and Millennials, with the number of males using the site increasing by about 50% annually, according to Pinterest.

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