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What are paraphrasing tools?

by Clare Louise

What is a paraphrase?

It is like starting the same sentence differently, which could be supported by synonyms, active, passive exchange, or more. However, the meaning stays the same.

Paraphrasing tools work in the same manner. They are helpful for all types of people, from students to professional writers to those who create content.

If you’re used to writing content, you know that typing word count and getting your wording right isn’t always easy. Paraphrasing tools are helpful because they can give a new voice to your work and solve the gaps.

They provide slight variation in the original content and though similar, make it sound slightly different. It works by replacing certain words, phrases, quotes, or the entire sentence with the other options of alternatives and changing the context of the text.

The main goal is to generate ‘new content.’ This may be for articles, blogs, or research related. The development of paraphrasing tools has been done with highly specialized tech giving you the options of changing the subject in different tones depending on your preferences, like- fluent, standard, creative, or more.

Best Paraphrasing Tools-

Some of the best paraphrasing tools are listed as follows:


QuillBot is a high-quality tool that uses advanced AI to rewrite content. Whether you’re improving your grammar, increasing your creativity, or adjusting the tone of your text, QuillBot transforms your work while maintaining your preferred writing style. It is undeniable that QuillBot is one of the most used paraphrase tools.

This tool doesn’t have to switch between multiple tabs to paraphrase your work.

It also acts as a Chrome extension available in Google Docs. QuillBot’s free account has a 700-character limit, but premium accounts can paraphrase up to 10,000 characters.

Paraphrasing online

Paraphrasing Online is a simple tool that you can use to paraphrase the content. The simple interface of this tool makes it easier to work faster and more effectively.

This tool is suitable for paraphrasing text, but it’s a good idea to start over to make text readable. You can add or paste the text you want to change, click Paraphrase, and the tool will work automatically. In other words, online is free, and no registration is required.


Wordtune works with Chrome as an extension, allowing you to paraphrase sentences as you type. Wordtune offers a free plan limited to 20 rewrites per day. You can choose a premium plan of $ 9.99 per month. The premium plan comes with unique features such as choosing between casual and formal tones for the text. Another significant part of this plan is that you can shorten or lengthen the text. This allows complete rewriting.


If you’re looking for another versatile tool to check for plagiarism and paraphrase your work, Duplichecker does just that. Duplichecker is free to use and does not require registration. All you have to do is go to the site and allow Duplichecker to change your job. This tool will enable you to upload files and paraphrase up to 2,000 words. If you want to work with higher limits, you can get a custom pricing plan that fits your writing goals. The tool also includes other related features such as spell checking and grammar checking.

Things to look for when deciding on a paraphrasing tool for yourself


The most important thing to consider is the platform fulfilling your goals. Thousands of online websites claim to be the best paraphrasing tool, but you must check the credibility.

Is the platform making too many or too more minor changes?

Is the paraphrased text still relevant?

Are there any grammatical errors?

Does the subject remain the same? and more


Plan out your budget. This will help filter your options. Some of the best paraphrasing tools charge for the services they offer. Few of these platforms provide more than just rephrasing text. They run a spelling and grammar test and suggest tone suggestions according to your project.


If you are working on an industry-specific piece of writing, you might need to look through specially designed options. While some of the best paraphrasing tools work in the interest of all, several platforms are designed for the people in the field.

If you are still confused about a platform to choose, you can bring an end to your queries using Smartrr. It helps solve your doubts and concerns.

Working mechanism

Enter your subject about which you need to know Smartrr’s recommendation.

It will ask a few questions about your budget plans and other features related to your search, and the bot then will run an algorithm at the backend and recommends the best match tools.

Smartrr is a clever way to map your business journey.

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