Why Should an Office Use Switchable Smart Glass? 

Innovations in technology play a crucial role in the business world of today. It adds value to businesses, helps cut costs, and give businesses a competitive advantage. The Switchable Smart Glass is a novel glazing technology that transforms a static office into a dynamic, multi-functional space. It works by adjusting its physical appearance from a frosted opaque state to completely transparent on-demand. The application of switchable smart glass technology is extensive, and the values it brings to an office are numerous. Let’s take a look at five reasons why an office should use switchable smart glass. 

Enhances Office Privacy 

Modern offices no longer use brick or plywood partitions. Glass partition is preferred for several reasons, including the aesthetic value it brings to an office. However, this new office architecture comes at the cost of privacy, which is essential for every office. Before now, offices are compelled to choose between frosted glass partition or a transparent one. Nowadays, switchable smart glass technology gives you the privilege of enjoying the best of both worlds. With a simple flip of a switch, the office partition can be changed from transparent to frosted to enhance privacy. 


The Switchable Smart Glass is a valuable investment for any office as it can serve other purposes besides enhancing office privacy on-demand. Believe it or not, it can be used as an office projector screen in the frosted state. There is no need to set up a clumsy projection screen when holding meetings in an office or conference room. Projecting a presentation on frosted glass is neater, more elegant, and costefficient. 

Simple Retrofit Installation 

There is no need to discard the existing office glass doors, windows, and partition to take advantage of the switchable smart glass technology. With the Smart Film, you can convert an ordinary transparent glass to a dynamic switchable smart glass without the expensive cost of renovation. Simply install the switchable smart film on an existing transparent glass and convert it to switchable smart glass. 


Although glass doors, windows, and partitions play a crucial role in enhancing an office’s aesthetics, it also has inherent safety issues. Glass materials send sharp splinters flying around when they break accidentally. These glass fragments can cause severe injury to any staff present at the scene. However, smart glass is relatively safe because the shards do not fly around when it breaks. Therefore, the likelihood of someone getting hurt when switchable glass breaks is reduced significantly. 

Hassle-Free Maintenance 

The maintenance procedure for the switchable smart glass partition is relatively easy and inexpensive. Yet, it elevates the aesthetics of the office and provides privacy when the need arises. The maintenance procedure for the switchable smart glass is the same as any glass fixture -just wipe it clean. This cleaning method is more straightforward than drycleaning curtain and window blinds that collect massive dust particles over time. Moreover, the glass is more durable than conventional office blinds that get worn out over time.