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3 Core Aspects of Enterprise AI 

by Clare Louise

Mckinsey and Company conducted a business survey in 2020 about the state of AI globally. According to 58% business executives in the survey, their company had adopted enterprise conversation AI in at least one business function. Moreover, the survey also revealed the growing impact of AI on business ROI. For example, 22% company executives reported that AI is leading to 5% Earnings Before Income Tax or EBIT across their organization. The report titled, ‘The State of AI in 2020’ is perhapsan eye opener for industry leaders who are still sitting on the fence. 

There are many critics of AI too. For example, Steve Woznick, the founder of Apple said, “Artificial Intelligence is not intelligence at all. It is an application of the computer. We have never thought about building a computer today that would say, ‘what should I do today? This is the difference between human intuition, and Artificial Intelligence.” However, keeping in mind the limitation of today’s AI, AI is still spreading like wildfire across enterprise functions today.If you are looking for today’s best AI module, below are 3 core aspects to identify a robust AI module today. 

Natural Language Processing

In order to understand human beings, AI needs to understand subtlety, and nuances in human experience. While this may seem like an impossible feat, tech players like Google have already mastered it. For example, recently SundarPichai showcased a Google Assistant AI that called up a restaurant to make a reservation. The restaurant owner here wasn’t a native speaker, and misspoke. However, the AI understood the subtle signs based on the overall experience, and successfully made the reservation. The restaunt owned thruought the whole conversation remained completely oblivious to the fact that he was speaking with a computer application. Now, imagine not having to worry about managing such routine tasks every day, without comprising your confidential matters to a stranger, and still being on top of work every day. This is the gift of natural language processing. 

Reusable Skills 

AI’s require a constant source of agility, and upgradation to improve their functionality. These can cost you heavily. As mentioned earlier, AIs are not intuitive. So essentially, it relies on you to make every adaptation for itself. However, making these adaptations can be difficult for a small company. On one hand, there are many different companies offering key AI services in the market. This includes the giants like IBM, Google, Amazon, and more. These AI services each have their own architecture, and are often not easily integrated to accommodate the other. However, independent platforms are available now that can teach your AI robots reusable skills at cheap rates to help them carry out new tasks for you every day. Moreover, independent platforms also offer cross-compatibility with all major conversation AIs in the market. This is key for small businesses to integrate low-cost AI technology into their operation, and maximise potential of every AI-driven business function. 

Channel Integration 

If you run an enterprise, you are probably fed up with digital marketing costs. This field is new. It requires considerable investments to be successful. Furthermore, the digital marketing field still largely fails to answer ‘how to conquer the algorithms of Google search engine reliably’. On the other hand, there are many reliable marketing channels, where your company can interact with hundreds of thousands of customers freely. For example, through channels like WhatsApp, Microsoft Teams, Voice assistants like Siri, enterprises have a great opportunity to reach millions of consumers. However, the problem with these interactions is most businesses do not have the manpower to deliver a 24/7 service model catering to millions of consumers. Furthermore, the ROI of these channels has not yet been proven either. Hence, in order to avert tragedies like potential business failure, conversational AI is the only solution businesses have. 

Today, independent AI platforms such integration with little costs to make business a customer-friendly destination every second of the day. So, are you ready to take next step to take your business operation to the next level? 

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