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3 Spectacular Must-Have Charging Cables and Plugs to Make Your Life Simpler

by Clare Louise

Charging phones can be a nightmare without the right products like a power bank, lightning charging cables, and so on. The reason we’re mentioning the word right is that not all the products you buy offer advanced options like simultaneously charging multiple devices or automatically disconnecting once the battery is full. So, we have used this guide as a means to introduce you to the next-gen charging devices that are absolutely worth the hype they’re witnessing. Dive in and find out which one could be your ideal charging companion. 

1. McDodo 4-in-1 USB Wire Cable

The name is the key. This Mcdodo 4-in-1 charger cable can charge 4 devices at the same time. You can charge 2 iPhones, 1 USB-C device, and 1 Micro USB device with this charger simultaneously. What makes the process even better is that all the devices are charged very quickly. They don’t take hours and hours to get charged. Some other interesting features that make this charger an absolute steal are as follows. 

  1. The cords are made of flexible nylon that’s woven and braided together to make the cable super strong. 
  2. The cable covering the cords is a high-quality Aluminum Alloy. It adds to the durability of the charging cable. 

2. McDodo Lightning Spring Cable

You can actually use this charging cable without worrying much since the spring cable recoils on its own. It doesn’t tangle and doesn’t lose elasticity either. Some of the other benefits of using this cable as follows. 

  1. It can stretch between 0.5M to 1.8M. It makes this cable a perfect car charger. No matter you’re in the backseat, charging will be easy with this charger.
  2. It offers super-fast lightning charging. It’s one of the biggest benefits of using this charging cable. 

3. McDodo USB Charger Plug with 3 Ports 

This multi-port plug has 3 ports, one EU port, one UK port, and one US port. So, no matter the country you’re planning to visit, you can simply take this plug and not worry at all. The other features that make this plug even better are as follows. 

  1. It has a slide-on and slide-off design. So, you don’t have to be a master of technology to insert the right adapter in the plug. It’s simple and everyone can do it.
  2. The ports are rust-resistant. Hence, this plug will never spoil the connectors of your adapter. 

To sum up, you’ll actually have a very easy life with a simple addition of the right charging devices in your life. So, don’t hold back and do try the options we have listed above. 

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