4 Mistakes to Avoid When Working From Home

More and more people are having to work from home due to this retched coronavirus outbreak and while it has many benefits, there are plenty of mistakes that you should avoid. We have listed four of the main mistakes that you should avoid but you will soon learn through experience of some of the others.

If you can avoid making the following mistakes, you should be able to transist into working from home seamlessly.

1.     Saving Your Work on Personal Accounts

While you might think that your personal email accounts or cloud storage accounts such as Google Mail and Google Drive are a good place to store your official work – think again. You do not own the work that you do and if any data is leaked, there could be some serious repercussion. Instead, follow your companies guidelines on where to save any work that you have completed.

2.     Not Using a VPN

It is no coincidence that cybercrime has increased at a time when more people are working from home due to the COVID-19 outbreak.  Hackers are now ramping up their efforts to hack into home networks so that they can get their ransomware infecting business networks.

For that reason, you should never work from home unless you have a meilleur VPN. Ideally, your company will set one up for you but if not, there are many good VPN providers out there that you can use in the meantime.

3.     Forgetting to Keep Your Laptop or Desktop Secure

With kids and even pets running around your home, there is always the chance of accident happening if you leave your workstation open when you get up to do something. Kids may accidentally delete some work that you have done or a cat could walk across your keyboard and send a random and unreadable instant message to a colleague.

Always password lock your screen when you do need to leave your workstation.

4.     Not Working in a Separate Room or Office

Further to the above, you really need to have your own separate space when working from home. You need to concentrate after all as we are sure that your company will not want to pay you for shoddy work because you are constantly distracted by family life.

Also, make sure that your family know that you are working. Make them understand that while you are at home physically, they should think of you as being at the office and to not bother you unless it is an emergency.


Working from home certainly has its benefits. You do not have to commute, you can take your breaks when you like and you do not have your boss physically breathing down your neck. However, you really should do your best to avoid the above mistakes. Grab a les meilleurs VPN, lock yourself away in another room and make sure that you can replicate the same productivity that you would in your office.