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4 Things A POS System Can Do For Your Establishment

by admin

Thanks to the world’s technological advancement, the food services and retail sectors are moving faster than in the past. Given that it can ease the payment process and track sales revenue, it is no surprise that almost every establishment and restaurant have POS systems.

If you plan to get a POS system in Singapore soon, knowing what it can do for your business will persuade you to proceed with your plan.


Customers can order online on your website if you have a POS system. Once they have checked out their orders, it will automatically reflect on your end, notifying you to prepare the customers’ online orders for delivery.


Do your customers only find out they do not have enough cash in their wallets and want to pay via online bank transfer instead? That is okay since POS nowadays has a QR ordering system that accepts mobile payments. All your customers need to do is scan the codes of their orders and settle their bills with their smartphones.


Instead of dividing the bills mentally, a retail POS system in Singapore can do it for you. Just click on the number of divisors so it can automatically divide it with the overall dividend.


Besides ordering online and sending orders via delivery, customers can also pick up their orders once they are ready. You only need to tap the button that you have prepared whatever they have ordered, so customers will be on their way to your location to pick them up.

Do You Need Extra Funds To Invest In A Retail POS System In Singapore?

Apply for the PSG grant for a POS system. As long as your business belongs to the food services or retail sectors, you can claim up to 80% of funding support. This maximum support level will only last until 31 March 2023.

Contact Suntoyo Singapore at +(65) 6553 3855 or leave a message on their website to learn more about the PSG grant for a POS system!

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