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5 Benefits of SharePoint Everyone Needs to Experience

by Sheri gill

SharePoint consultant is used by over 190 million people around the world. Whether you’re a small enterprise or a massive organization, it’s a piece of software that can transform your business.

If you’re considering migrating to Microsoft SharePoint, this article is for you. We’ve collated a handy guide outlining five benefits of SharePoint. Keep reading to find out more.

But before we dive into the five key advantages of SharePoint, let’s start with a brief definition.

What Is SharePoint?

An adaptable web-based platform for document management and collaboration. The SharePoint system is mainly used to store documents and communicate information.

Organizations can use SharePoint to create an internal internet system (intranet). A centralized, secure space for organizing, accessing, sharing, and editing files from any device.

The platform comes in two types: online (cloud) and on-premise. In the digital world we live in with increased remote working, SharePoint promotes and supports mobility.

Now for our quintet of SharePoint benefits.

  1. Enhanced Data Management

Think about all the data you deal with in your working day, and the organization required to manage it. Emails, support requests, and analyzing reports are just a handful of examples.

With SharePoint, you can create portals that display business information from a range of sources. How? The technology integrates with desktop applications and email browsers.

  1. Super Secure

SharePoint offers users a centralized administration and high levels of control. For example, you can set specific security settings that comply with regulatory requirements. And you can ensure only authorized people access certain data.

Robust security means you can set permissions across sites, folders, and documents. That gives you powerful content control.

  1. Microsoft SharePoint = Simplification

The SharePoint system offers a consistent and streamlined experience that’s easy to use. It’s straightforward to track and report activities such as document review and signature collection. For these reasons, productivity increases.

If by now you’re keen to switch, see here for the lowdown on SharePoint migration. But if you need a bit more convincing, there are two additional benefits of SharePoint to hear about.

  1. Exceptional Collaboration

Whether your company is small or large, it’s vital your employees communicate and collaborate well. To facilitate that, Microsoft SharePoint has version controls to track all edits made to a file. Timestamps and users are specified, too.

Say goodbye to duplication with a feature that allows only one person at a time to access a document. Data can also be shared in real-time.

Collaboration is encouraged further via SharePoint’s central portal. What’s more, it’s possible to brand and customize your SharePoint system.

  1. Zero Development Work

Features and tools are pre-built within the SharePoint software. For example, you can update your website, launch a new one, or create new tools using SharePoint. All without any deep coding expertise or a professional developer.

5 Key Benefits of SharePoint

Over 85% of Fortune 500 organizations work with Microsoft SharePoint. Regardless of business size or industry, there are five major benefits of SharePoint. These range from unmatched data management to high-level security.

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