5 Reasons to Choose Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode Pages for WordPress Plugin

An online business service starts with a domain and the next important thing should be a webpage. If you are working something big for a website, you should hide your work from visitors. They can only see a Coming Soon Page.

Coming Soon Pages or Under Construction Pages are used to show a temporary page that contains all pieces of information about your upcoming business.

If you are creating your business website with WordPress, chances are good you may find a lot of Coming Soon Page creator plugins. If we plan to create a Coming Soon Page, we choose Minimal Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode by WebFactory. We have some solid reasons to choose this Plugin over others.

Here we go with the 5 Reasons to Choose Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode Pages for WordPress Plugin over others.

  1. It is Free

If you are a startup and you are on a limited budget and you are looking for a free Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode Plugin, you can choose Minimal Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode because it is absolutely free. It comes with some free Themes, SEO setup, and more.

  1. Works with WordPress Themes and Plugins

The Plugin is compatible with all WordPress versions, latest themes and Plugins. The Plugin never crashes or makes any Plugins stop. Most of the Plugins could trouble while using with cache Plugins like W3 Total Cache, WP Super Cache, Endurance Page Cache but Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode doesn’t make any issues at all.

  1. Full Control over the Frontend

It’s simple and flexible. You have full control over the front end of the website and you can modify almost every aspect of the Plugin as per your needs.

  1. SEO Preview and Analysis

Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode comes with some limited SEO setup options but if you upgraded to the pro version, you will get powerful SEO features that could help you to rank your site #1 from day 1 for your keywords.

The SEO analysis test runs over 20 tests on various aspects of your SEO and gives actionable advice to improve your SEO.

  1. Collect emails from Visitors

You should start to collect emails from your visitors from day 1. If you are using Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode Pages Plugin, you don’t have to worry because it easily helps you to connect with MailChimp. The Mailoptin integration connects to Aweber, Constant Contact, etc.

These are our major 5 reasons why you can opt Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode Pages as your Coming Soon Page designer. Hope you love this article.