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All You Need To Know About Ethernet Cables

by Clare Louise

The types of Ethernet cables are extremely huge. And hence, it is completely normal for you to feel confused amidst the huge range of cables. Read ahead to learn about the various types and details and find the right one to fulfill your needs.

But The First Question Is, What Is Ethernet?

Ethernet is (ethernet คือ, which is the term in Thai) a certain way by which the computers are connected in a local area network. The main benefit of this design is that several computers can easily access it and send data at any time.

What Are Ethernet Cables?

In simple words, Ethernet is a medium that connects all the systems and servers altogether. It does play a vital role in the cabling for both domestic and commercial purposes. 

Ethernet Cable Types

The Ethernet cables are mainly designed for connecting the computers with a router or switch. However, it comes in various forms and hence, serves different purposes respectively. 

  • Cat5e Cables

This particular one is the most known twisted pair Ethernet cable type which mainly consists of four pairs of copper wires. It falls under category 5 and was considered the most effective and functional Ethernet cable until the time when Cat5e came into usage.

  • Cat5e Cables

Cat5e is an upgraded version of the Cat5 Ethernet cables which are more reliable and hence offer more effectiveness than the Cat5. Even though both of them are quite similar to each other, Cat5e provides a much better speed and functions comparatively well too.

  • Cat6 Cables

This is an advanced version of Cat5e and hence, it offers more speed and works smoothly when heavy files are transferred over a local network.

  • Cat6a Cables

The a in Cat6a stands for augmented. And this one is also an enhanced version of the Cat6 cables. That is why the speed of data can reach around 10GB per second at up to 100 meters of the Cat6a cable.

  • Cat7 Cables

This is currently the most advanced version of the Ethernet cables and hence is the most upgraded variant if compared with the other cable types. It supports higher speed even over a longer length of the cable. Even though Cat7 is not launched in the market yet, it will be introduced soon though. 

Summing It Up

Ethernet cables have been offering their services since around 1990. And with the constant up-gradation in its various technologies, it became efficient enough to offer a faster and longer distance approach to home networking than Wi-Fi.

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