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Basic Terms ToKnow Before Looking For Your Perfect Headphone

by Danny White

For an avid music lover, headphones hold a great deal of importance. To enjoy your playlist to your fullest, you need the perfect product with the latest technologies. But how to find the headphone that suits you the best? Here are a few technical details you should know before diving into a headphone hunt.

Noise Cancellation

Just imagine yourself jogging while listening to your favorite song. Sounds pleasant, right? But what if you suddenly start hearing the background noises on top of your music? It is where noise cancellation comes to your rescue. Most of the headphones, including ReysorLink headphones, employ the best active noise controls to give you a pleasant experience and block out all the unwanted sounds. This action makes this feature an unwanted one.

Audio Driver

Audio drivers play a major role in generating sounds. All audio files exist in your phone in digital format. The audio driver converts these files and electrical signals into audio signals! These drivers generally consist of magnets, diaphragm, and voice coil. The type of magnet decides the type of driver. BeatBoxer headphone, along with many others, uses Neodymium Drivers which are small yet very powerful drivers. Other varieties of audio drivers include dynamic, electrostatic, balanced, and planar magnetic drivers.

Wireless Technology

Bluetooth is easily the most common wireless technology in headphones. The latest version of Bluetooth, Bluetooth v5.0, is happily employed by most of the headphone brands, including ReysorLink. It means one can move away from his/her phone and still enjoy the songs as well as a steady connection.


Have you ever visited a social media profile of a headphone brand, like https://instagram.com/reysorlink, and thought ‘Is the headphone loud enough for my liking?’

Sensitivity is the ability of a speaker to convert electrical power into a clear sound. Higher sensitivity means higher efficiency of the headphones and the louder sound range. It means, if you are a fan of loud music, go for those headphones that showcase greater sensitivity (measured in dB/mW). Most headphones have sensitivity around 110dB/mW. Any headphone with sensitivity lower than 85dB/mW is unacceptable.


Simply put, latency is the time it takes for your audio data to reach your headphone from your phone. It’s the delay between an audio signal sent and when you hear it. It often gets unnoticed when you play music. But when you play a video, sometimes the audio and video timings don’t match. It’s latency at play. You might have noticed BeatBoxer, and other headphones, stressing on the ‘Low Latency’ feature. Now you know what latency means.By the way, you can get BeatBoxer headphones on 15th September 2020 at Indiegogo.com.

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