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Building a Website for Your Home Service Contracting Business

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Home service contractors often question why they aren’t getting leads. The problem may lie in their website. Most consumers today visit the internet to learn more about a business. If they can’t find the company website or the website is of no help to them, they’ll take their business elsewhere. How can this be avoided?

Create an outstanding website and watch your business grow. The site doesn’t have to be complicated to be effective. In fact, a simple website often produces better results. What makes a website effective?

Mobile Friendly

Consumers frequently turn to a mobile device when they want information about a product or service. To accommodate them, home service contractors need a site that can easily be viewed on these devices. What does this mean?

The navigation menu must be viewable at all times and the text legible. Consumers should be able to press the button of choice without accidentally pressing the one next to it, and the entire page should be seen without the need for the viewer to scroll left or right.

Search engines take into account whether a site is mobile-friendly when they are ranking the site. Any site that isn’t easily viewed on devices will fall in the search engine rankings. This leads to a decrease in traffic to the site and less business for the contractor. Make mobile-friendly web design a critical element of your contractor marketing plan to avoid this problem.


Search engines and site visitors want to see relevant, engaging content when they visit a site. Consumers want to find a solution to a problem they are experiencing, while search engines want to provide the most relevant information to their users. A site has limited time to draw a visitor in. How can it do so easily?

On the home page, provide specific information about the services offered, but be brief. Allow them to visit the services page for more information. Share whether the company takes on residential or commercial jobs, and let consumers know how your company differs from competitors. Share reviews and testimonials here, and provide a clear call to action, so visitors know what they should do next.

Include a services page, a page that provides information about the business, and a blog on the site. A blog allows a company to show they are an authority in their field and helps to build trust. Furthermore, add a contact page to ensure customers know how to reach you. Include a physical mailing address, a phone number, social media links, and hours of operation on this page.


A picture is worth a thousand words, as the old saying goes. High-quality images on a home service contracting page remain of great importance. They provide visitors with visual examples of the company’s work. In addition, include pictures of team members on these pages, and use photos in blog posts. Finally, include a map on the contact page, so consumers know where to find you.


Collect an email address from each visitor. If they aren’t ready to commit to a project now, they may in the future. Ensure your company comes to mind by using the email address to remain in contact with them and nurture them. To encourage people to join the list, offer them something in exchange for doing so.

Use every tool available to market to potential and existing customers. It all starts with an effective website. Using the above information, you can create a site that provides the desired return on investment. Start today for great results in little time.


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