Can we Invest in Both SEO and PPC at the same time?

When it comes to SEO (Search Engine Optimization) you know immediately that the keyword optimization method (keyword) by all means such as writing SEO standard content, going black link, optimizing website … And PPC (pay per click) is the way to spend money. out to auction keywords to the top positions on Google. These are 2 different and independent jobs, but when combined with SEO and PPC jobs it will help your website break through.

  1. SEO and PPC show up on Google

One of the most obvious benefits of combining SEO and PPC from SEO expert in Chandigarh increases visibility on search engine results pages (SERPs).

Search results show SEO and PPC results to help customers identify your brand, meaning customers will pay attention to that brand.

And when the customer turns the next page of the search engine, the PPC results still show up, which will help your website’s clickthrough rate and website higher and thereby appear the rate of order.

  1. PPC helps SEO find the keyword to optimize

The first job of SEO is to find optimal keywords related to the service in your website. But does that keyword list guarantee a high search volume on Google?

PPC will help you do that, when you create an account on Google ADS after 1 month of running ads, you will be Google for a specific number of statistics for that keyword, how many people search monthly.

Or you see a list of PPC keywords from which many customers click and place orders, then you optimize SEO for the top keyword group. Avoid cases of keyword grouping to the top without clicks.

  1. Optimize Title & Meta tags for SEO for better clickthrough rates

PPC is a method of paying Google to get to the top, so the results show up searches after the auction.

On the contrary, SEO will take quite a long time to bring that content to the top. Therefore, we can use PPC to create a lot of Title and evaluate which Title results will leave the most clicks as well as curiosity and taste of the user. Next, we will apply that title to SEO to ensure more Clicks after getting to the top

Like the title tag, when you have an idea for Meta Description, PPC is the fastest way to experience the results from users.

  1. Remarketing to help customers remember the brand more

According to statistics: an average user spends about 5 hours per week shopping online. Therefore, most users will not remember your website after just one visit!

After optimizing the website to the top of Google, the next thing is to follow the customer exchange after they visit your website. Therefore, you cannot ignore the remarketing tool of PPC.

  1. Consolidate lost traffic

If you think that SEO is on top 1, you can be assured of a number of customers who regularly visit your website.

Think wrong, because you will lose a lot of traffic if you do not run PPC, and from there your keyword rankings will drop compared to the competition.

You should remember that Google is always changing its algorithm and Google is the search engine, but it is also the machine for you to money.

When you know how to combine PPC and SEO from an SEO Expert in Chandigarh, your website will be optimized more.