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Consider A Few Things Before You Buy A LED Screen

by Danny White

The digital technology for LED video displays keeps on growing and hence, you can get these displays at an affordable price and are becoming quite popular too. However, when you are going to select any LED screen for any kind of advertisement, then there are several options available that often make your choice a bit more challenging. 

Dynamo LED Displays is one of the well-known manufacturers of LED screen displays and offers their products of the best quality at a competitive price. Their factory is located in both UK and Dubai.

However, whenever you are planning to buy a LED video wall then don’t buy just by looking at the buzz behind this product, but better to try to evaluate whether this will offer you the right solution for the application that you are buying.

Also, don’t buy this product just considering your today’s need,⁰ but you must also keep in view of your long-term perspective. If you want to use such LED screens for your advertisement purpose then the following are a few checklists that you must consider. 

  • Pixel pitch: Ensure that your display must have at least 30,000 pixels. 
  • Resolution: It should be a minimum otherwise, the image may seem ugly, distorted, and not professional.
  • View angle: Ensure that you can see the picture from all angles.
  • Hardware and software: All hardware must be properly integrated with the speaker and lighting. 
  • Certification: Choose the product of any reputed manufacturer. 
  • Power supply: Choose one that consumes minimum power.
  • Maintenance and services: Ensure that the supplier offers good after-sales service.
  • Quality and price: Maintain a proper balance between quality and price.
  • Brightness: The brightness for indoor is 600 nits and for outdoors 12000 nits.
  • Location: Can be installed in any environment.
  • Space: Check the space before using it for advertisement purpose. 
  • Content: LED can support text, videos, and static images to engage audiences.
  • Distance: The indoor screens will need 3 meters, while outdoor screens will need a distance of 10 meters.
  • Climate: Can sustain the hot, cold, or rainy environment.
  • Size of screen: Available in many different sizes and aspect ratios suitable for any application.
  • Flatness: The standard flatness will be 1 mm.
  • Temporarily or permanent displays: The critical difference will be in weight, mechanical parts, and calibration
  • Floor or corner display: A floor installation will have transparent protection, while corner screens will have vertical or horizontal models.
  • Maintenance access: Enough space must be provided for maintenance during installation.
  • Target audience: Choose your screen based on your target audience.
  • Time of display: LED display can easily run for long hours with low power consumption.
  • Refreshing rate of the screen: The minimum rate of refreshing should be 400 Hz. to 1000 Hz.
  • Easy installation: Prefer such types of LED screens that can be very easily installed.
  • User-friendly: Facility to get connected through USB ports.
  • Hands-on experience: Get feedback from any users who are using it before you select any model.

You can also use this display for your event that you can feed to various social media like Instagram or Facebook that can also be edited afterward.

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