Does ProxyBox Easily Maintain Chain Alignment?

ProxyBox easily maintains chain alignment. It should be noted here that some http proxy servers can also be chained, but in this case, many problems arise. Firstly, out of 100% of working proxy servers, 10 percent will be anonymous, of which, perhaps, 1% will support the ability to redirect requests, that is, line up in a chain. Secondly, a proxy for the game does not directly provide for the use of such an http proxy feature, but if you nevertheless use some methods for this, then there will be many gaps, the main of which will be the potential possibility of transferring data directly, bypassing the proxy. 

The best stable proxies described on are capable of processing requests from various IP addresses on the Internet. If the use of anonymous proxies can be accessed only by certain trusted persons (often in the area of responsibility of the proxy server owner, for example, on a local network), then anonymous proxy servers allow almost all network nodes to communicate through themselves to other network nodes.

What makes it possible to build a chain of ProxyBox? We think this is obvious, proxy servers can be located in different parts of the planet, transferring information to each other as you wish. All the data that “go” between the browser and the web server will be transmitted through all the servers that you have built in a chain, possibly going around the globe more than once until you reach your goal. Your anonymity is guaranteed.

A chain of proxy servers is an analogy to this very construction – that is, a chain. Everything is obvious here: the first link is the www-client (browser), the last is the www server. You can buy proxy and put an unlimited number of Socks servers between them.