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Everything you need to know about Huawei p9 lite

by Clare Louise

The beautiful appearance is also attractive, such as 2.5D glass with curved edges, diamond-cut edges, and a metal body with a sandblast finish. The sides are well curved so the fit is good. And the flat body that Huawei also appeals to, “there is no camera bulge,” deserves special mention. While achieving 6.95 mm, which is thinner than the iPhone 6s and Galaxy S7 edge, it is a wonderful word that the iPhone 6s and Galaxy S7 edge do not have a camera protrusion.

Equipped with a high-speed fingerprint sensor

The HUAWEI P9 LITE 2017 is equipped with the latest fingerprint sensor and supports 3D fingerprint authentication, which allows you to authenticate even with the edge of your finger. Even when the display is off, I’m grateful that the lock can be unlocked by simply touching the sensor on the back with your finger. IPhones and Galaxy have a fingerprint sensor on the home button, but it is one step more because it is necessary to press the button once to turn on the screen and then authenticate. The P9 LITE has good authentication accuracy and high speed, so it can be unlocked very smoothly.

The camera function jointly developed with Leica deserves special mention. The points are as follows.

The dual camera sensor of the P9 LITE consists of RGB and monochrome. Since the monochrome sensor does not have a color filter, it can capture three times as much light as the RGB sensor. By combining the color information captured by the RGB sensor and the detail / shadow information captured by the monochrome sensor, vivid and deep depiction becomes possible. It is said to be particularly effective in dark scenes and backlit scenes.

I actually tried the global model P9 LITE overseas, but the night view was bright and I was able to shoot accurately while looking at the colors. Up until now, dual lenses have had a strong image of “3D shooting”, but it can be seen that the P9 LITE works to leave beautiful pictures.

You can take tasty black-and-white photos

It is equipped with only one dedicated monochrome sensor, so you can take black-and-white photographs with an atmosphere. You can get a new enjoyment of your smartphone camera because you can express the appearance of light and the texture of your skin.

You can take pictures that make the most of the bokeh

Equipped with a “wide aperture function” that allows you to freely change the range of focus by adjusting the aperture in real time. You can blur the background of the subject, or conversely, blur the subject, and you will be able to create a snarling piece that makes you wonder, “Is it possible to do this with a smartphone camera?”

In addition, it is a combination technique of “laser autofocus” that calculates the distance to the subject by shining a laser beam and “depth focus” that calculates the distance to the subject using the parallax of the dual camera, whether it is a short distance or a long distance. You can focus firmly. However, the AF speed is faster on the “Galaxy S7 edge” with the “dual pixel sensor”, and I sometimes felt it was slower depending on the scene.

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