Exploring Some Incredible JavaScript Tools for Writing Cleaner Code

JavaScript is one of the most popular and amazing programming languages of the web that is famous for adding interactivity to websites and applications. It is an interpreted language that can significantly reduce the time required by other programming languages. It is a client-side script that can accelerate the execution of the program by saving the time required to connect to the server.

JavaScript is a simple and easy to understand language that is easier to implement and saves developers a lot of time. The best part of using this programming language is that it can easily work with other programming languages. Furthermore, it can operate well on the client-side making data validation easier. It is also a great choice for building intuitive interfaces and feature-packed applications.

If you are using JavaScript for your development projects, it is advised to get acquainted with some amazing JavaScript tools to make the most out of this amazing programming language.

Let’s check them out.

  1.       WebAssembly

Many developers find it difficult to carry out processor-intensive tasks when using the browser to host applications. Thanks to WebAssembly (Wasm), a great tool that is a binary instruction format for the stack-based virtual machine. The goal of this tool is to serve as a portable compile target for code written in different languages. It enables deployment on the web for client and server applications.

The Wasm stack machine is exclusively designed to encode in a size and load time efficient binary format. It offers a memory safe, sandboxed execution environment that can be implemented inside the JavaScript virtual machines. The best part of using WebAssembly is that when embedded in the web, it will enforce the same origin and permissions security policies of the browser.  

It is a great choice for debugging, testing, experimenting, optimizing, learning and writing programs. Its textual format can be used to view the source of modules on the web.

  1.       WebPack

Many JavaScript developers need module bundlers to speed up the development process. They break down applications into groups of modules. WebPack is one of the most popular static module bundlers widely used by tech companies and mobile app development companies in Dubai to bundle JavaScript apps. It is also used to bundle different assets such as images, fonts, and stylesheets.

When Webpack processes the application, it internally develops a dependency graph that maps every single module for the app development project and generates one or multiple bundles. It doesn’t require any configuration file to bundle the project, you simply need to master the core concepts of entry, output, loaders, plugins, mode and browser compatibility.  

  1.       npm

npm is a great tool for JS developers that can significantly improve the JavaScript development experience by offering amazing packages. The ultimate goal of npm is to provide app development teams with a productive and safe JavaScript development experience. The world’s famous software registry is used to manage complex development projects. npm consists of three main components – website, command line interface and the registry. Developers can adopt different packages of code for apps or download standalone tools to fulfill the development needs.

  1.       OWASP Dependency-Check

It is a Software Composition Analysis (SCA) tool that is capable of detecting vulnerabilities contained within a project’s dependencies. Dependency-Check has the ability to determine if there is a common platform enumeration (CPE) identifier in the given dependency. If a CPE is identified, it creates a list of associated entries in a report format.

Dependency-Check is packed with a command line interface, Ant task and Maven plugin. The engine includes a series of analyzers to inspect project dependencies to collect information related to the dependencies.

  1.       Angular

Angular is a highly advanced web development platform that is famous for building mobile web, native mobile and native desktop apps. With the Angular platform, developers can improve the speed and performance of the apps. The platform enables you to fulfill the complex data requirements by developing data models on RxJS, immutable.js and push model.  

It contains some amazing tools that make it easier to build advanced features with intuitive interfaces. Furthermore, it enables you to extend the template language with your own components or already available components. The Angular framework is a great choice for JS developers that can help them build robust and functional apps with less effort.

  1.       Polymer Library

The Polymer library is one of the best JavaScript tools for developers that offers a set of features for building amazing custom elements. This is why it is a preferred choice for many custom software development companies that allow them to add custom elements as per the clients’ requirements. The elements act as standard DOM elements.

Polymer elements are configured using attributes or properties and populated with internal DOM. The best part is, it is responsive to property, attribute changes and methods that manipulate the internal state.

  1.       The Firefox JavaScript Debugger

It is one of the best JavaScript tools available that allows developers to step through JavaScript code and analyze its state to track bugs. The Firefox JavaScript Debugger is used to run locally in Firefox or can be run remotely. The debugger allows you to pause the execution of code and make it easier to see the value of variables or expressions during the execution.

  1.       Flow

Flow is one of the favorite tools of many JavaScript developers due to a number of reasons. Basically, Flow is a static type checker, mainly for JavaScript that can identify problems in your code, while saving you a lot of time in guessing and checking the file.

Flow clearly understands your JavaScript code and makes necessary changes to large codebases. It helps you refactor while focusing on the changes you want to make. It also helps protect your code from bad rebases, misuse and misinterpretation. You can understand your own code even after a year with Flow’s amazing type interface.   

These are only a few JavaScript tools every developer should use to improve the JavaScript development experience and build fully featured and high-performance web and mobile applications.