FortiGate 60F: The Best SD-WAN NGFW

Many businesses find that their security solutions are fast becoming a bottleneck in their networks, particularly as the amount of encrypted data expands. According to a survey from FortiGuard Labs, 87 percent of all online traffic is now encrypted. And, except Fortinet, all security devices are still powered by standard, off-the-shelf CPUs, which is why firewalls, for example, break down while attempting to decode and analyze encrypted communications. Most security providers won’t even disclose their encrypted traffic inspection performance data since it’s that awful.

Fortinet’s Fortigate 60 f Next-Generation Firewall is now the industry’s fastest and most potent full-featured desktop SD-WAN appliance, with the best price/performance ratio, allowing any organization to implement true WAN edge transformation that can keep up with the highest demands of today’s distributed networks and business applications.

The FortiGate 60F SD-WAN Appliance Is Now Available

Customers and partners have been effectively adopting this form factor throughout their scattered companies for over 15 years. With this newest edition, Fortinet introduces a new generation of this famous product line, which incorporates one of our most ground-breaking features to date: a full-featured SD-WAN and NGFW solution driven by the new SOC4 security processor to expedite and improve cloud and WAN communication.

Setting a New Industry “Security Compute Rating” Benchmark

To demonstrate the value of purpose-built processors, we created the Security Compute Rating benchmark, which compares the performance of Fortinet’s ASIC-based next-generation firewall appliance to that of competing NGFW and SD-WAN manufacturers that rely on generic CPUs for networking and security.

The industry average is calculated by taking the average of top solutions from both public and unlisted providers. The performance figures are based on each manufacturer’s datasheets, and N/A indicates that the vendor has chosen not to disclose some essential performance metrics, such as SSL inspection, as previously stated. As a consequence, the computer industry average might be significantly lower than it seems.

Fortinet is dedicated to providing Secure SD-WAN without sacrificing security or performance. 

And it’s catching the attention of the industry. In the second quarter of 2019, we were ranked among the top three suppliers in the global market share for SD-WAN equipment by revenue, with a 234 percent quarter-over-quarter growth rate. Fortinet Secure SD-WAN has also received third-party validation, with two “recommended” ratings in the NSS Labs SD-WAN Group Test Reports in a row.