How Australian companies hire talent?

Every country follows a process of recruiting talents. The process may differ in different countries. In this post, we are concerned about Australian companies. Let’s find out how they search or hire candidates.

Australian Recruitment Trends

Here are some of the recruitment trends that are followed by Australian recruitment agencies.

  1. Australian recruitment agencies not only think of hiring potential candidates but they also want to retain them at all costs.

They may not prioritise internal hiring, but it is an important part of a company’s source of quality hires. According to statistics, around 39% of respondents prefer internal hiring as it forms an important part of their recruiting plan

  1. Internet job sites are no doubt important. But their capability of attracting new talents is gradually reducing. It is now being replaced by professional social networks. For example, platforms like LinkedIn have now emerged to be the main source of quality hires.

Recruiters go hunt down social networks to find potential candidates. They play an important role in building a stronger relationship between the employer and the candidates who are in search of great job opportunities.

  1. Quality hires have always been important for Australian recruiters. It is the most important metric for them as it helps them in calculating the results of their recruitment strategy.

The majority of the companies calculate the quality of hire with the help of long-term indicators. Hiring managers are often seen to pay more attention to this metric. Despite that, there are times when they find it difficult to measure it.

Around 33% of recruiters globally have admitted that their measurement methods are effective. In the Australian job market, most hiring managers consider themselves to fall in the below-average category.

  1. Around 80% of leaders admit that employer branding has more impact on their ability to hire talent. Candidates go for companies that pique their interest in career growth, and challenges.

From the above-mentioned points, you can see how Australian recruiters get hold of talented candidates. However, the trends in recruitment keep changing from time to time. It is often influenced by what is more effective during that time.