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How Can I Build a Website?

by Danny White

Three decades ago, the internet was new, and websites were few. It cost at least $7,500 to build a website in the early 90s. But today, modern technology has made web design easier and cheaper than it was 30 years ago. Just about anyone can build a website these days, depending on their skills and needs.

If you want to build a website, there are five ways to go about it:

Download and Edit a Theme

These days, you can purchase a theme online or download a free one and then edit the code to fit your needs. That requires some skill with mark-up languages, but even a movie can edit specific sections such as the name of the website, the information, and the content.

Use Online “Drag-and-Build” Solutions

There are now hundreds of websites that offer a simple solution for creating a website. You can simply create a shared domain name and proceed to select themes, edit, and add features that you want. A drag and drop feature is usually used to do these.

Submit Details to Web Editors Online

For a reduced fee, you can also ask online editors to create a website by editing the themes for you. It works in the same way as you editing the themes yourself.

Build the Website by Yourself

If you have coding skills, you can simply build a website from scratch using any of the markup languages. Your skills will largely determine the quality of the website.

Hire a Competent Web Developer

You can hire a skilled developer to create a website from scratch for you. It is usually the best option for clients who have no previous experience with website creation. Web design requires a certain level of skill that amateurs might not have.

Benefits of Hiring a Competent Web Developer

Web developers have experience and know what clients need. Outsourcing your website project to a developer means that you’ll get top-quality websites to meet your business needs. Your developer will include features such as a contact page, website map, embedded maps, and use high-quality graphics.

The developer will also observe modern web design standards to ensure that the website is competitive and can rank on search engine research pages. Finally, you can be sure of getting a website that is aesthetically pleasing to attract the right audience. Your brand or business will benefit from this.

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