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How can you be a trusted seller on Ebay?

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What Makes a Good Salesman?  To answer this question we must start from the assumption that: to be good salespeople you need to fully understand the type of customer we have in front of us.

You need to understand the importance of knowing how to value the differences that exist between various people, since each individual has his own personality, a set of personal values ​​and beliefs that he is unwilling to change. It is not at all easy to give you valid suggestions for each type of sale, since for each person you need to be able to customize their own techniques. At the beginning of your career as a salesman use a standard method of selling and noticed that with some people it worked great, but with others it was not effective at all.

What was I doing wrong?

With each person use a different sales technique depending on their personality and you will notice that the number of successful sales was increasing! For this reason it is very important to collect as much information as possible about your customers, precisely in order to adapt the conversation to the personality of the customer and make it more effective.

Taking care of your physical appearance

If you want to inspire trust in your customer you must have clothing and a physical appearance appropriate to your role. There is little to do, in our profession the dress is a monk! With this you don’t have to be Miss Italy or Mister Universe to sell effectively, but you will undoubtedly have to take care of your appearance and your hygiene. After all, a seller represents the image of his company, and therefore cannot overlook any detail.

In short, even in the world of sales, appearance has its importance, so you will have to know how to enhance it not only on your product, but also on yourself!

Always be polite, helpful and kind

These 3 qualities seem to be taken for granted in a Seller, but unfortunately there are still many Sales people who have not yet understood their importance. If people feel treated well, they will tend to do it in turn with you and you will therefore be more likely to purchase your products or services. In the end, what does it cost to respond politely and be available? Zero, but the results will be great! As you start selling on ebay keep these points ahead.

Try to apply Assertive Communication

Over the course of your career, aggressive people may happen to you, the important thing is to never lose your temper and always respond in a polite manner so as not to go into the wrong side. Assert his opinions, but at the same time must allow others full freedom to express themselves. This aspect is really very important and if you are not using Assertiveness yet, it is recommended that you start working on it.

Do not pass on to others a relationship based only on the sale

If you think that the only interest of a Seller is to make money, you are totally wrong. A good Seller must be interested in getting to know the people in their needs, from the most primary to the less essential ones. Building relationships of trust and collaboration with people is worth much more than a commission!

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