How to Beat Communication Challenges in Healthcare Using AgilityPortal

How to Beat Communication Challenges in Healthcare Using AgilityPortal

Intranet Technology has improved communication with patients, staff, the media, and other stakeholders, added morale, and increased engagement.

hospitals and others in the healthcare industry still face communication challenges that can create operational, reputational, financial, and strategic problems and communication challenges in healthcare and how to overcome them.

Although simplified communication can be a challenge, you can step away from the status quo and use the Intranet Software to create an attractive solution that directly addresses any of the concerns mentioned in this publication. The Critical Communications AgilityPortal is a fast, secure, and reliable way to disseminate information based on specific groups, situations, and teams within the organization.

Healthcare Using AgilityPortal

Here are just a few of the features that have proven beneficial for healthcare customers:

  • No hardware to buy or install
  • No PBX add-ons, no extra phone lines, no extra phone equipment, no extra systems to maintain
  • No charges for call time or multiple redials for busy and unanswered numbers
  • No freezing of your internal telephone lines or business interruptions
  • No downtime. Reliability is of the utmost importance: fully redundant systems, geographically different facilities, system availability is 100% – guaranteed!
  • No long-distance charges

Critical communication is critical to day-to-day operations and the general safety of patients and staff. The better prepared you are to communicate, the less likely you are to face the effects of reputational, operational, or security risks.

A popular solution of the AgilityPortal is the WhatsApp API Service Bot, which uses its application to contact customers and can do this on many other digital platforms such as Facebook Messenger, Twitter, and others. The AgilityPortal can also be integrated with leading CRM and other operating systems. For the security of the customer, the AgilityPortal has the highest security standards and complies with the GDPR.

The Best Intranet Software AgilityPortal solution has successfully transformed a leading healthcare provider: Maccabi, one of Israel’s two largest healthcare providers serving millions of healthcare customers.

AgilityPortal has successfully converted Maccabi’s customer service to digital channels by implementing its intelligent solutions such as WhatsApp, email, and video chat support for patients. patients through its application and website, powered by AgilityPortal

With the AgilityPortal solution, Best Intranet Software For Small Businesse provided fast and effective medical services to millions of people during the first Covid19 outbreak. They then administered Pfizer vaccines to millions of Israeli civilians using the AgilityPortal solution.

reasons why the AgilityPortal is the solution for healthcare services

  • Comprehensive omnichannel customer communication solution.
  • Intelligent bots of the WhatsApp API that offer a friendly and effective service.
  • Artificial intelligence and automation functions that improve the patient experience.
  • Compliance with GDPR security. Management of digital services for healthcare companies.


Intranet Software for Small Businesses is evolving and marking a new era for the healthcare industry. As patients expect digital service to become more and more digital and multi-channel, healthcare providers need to improve their service and patient experience or get left behind

Implementing a secure, artificial intelligence-based customer communication solution and omnichannel is essential for every clinic, hospital, or medical facility today more than ever.

Via the AgilityPortal

The AgilityPortal offers an innovative solution for customer interactions that creates a holistic customer communication experience. By using the AgilityPortal platform, businesses and organizations can automate time-consuming repetitive tasks so that their agents can focus on more important tasks. The AgilityPortal paves the way for autonomous business communication without losing the typical human touch.