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How To Create A Volunteer Database? 

by Paul Petersen

Volunteer databases are a necessary aspect of non-profit organizations. With several volunteers entering and leaving your organization, it is essential to keep track of all the people that are associated with you. However, it isn’t easy to personally own a track of each volunteer that is or was a part of your non-profit organization, especially if you have a large-scale one. In such situations, it is best to use a volunteer management system that helps you build a network between you and your volunteers where you can store their data, track their progress, and delegate tasks to all the present volunteers in your organization. 

Creating a volunteer database helps to store all the information about every volunteer that worked with your non-profit organization. You can even store background checks in these databases. Nevertheless, now with the special Vome Volunteer software, you do not have to go through the extensive process of creating databases for each volunteer. Using the robust software makes it simple for you to store several volunteer databases in one place. 

How to create a volunteer database?

  • Get volunteer management software. 

While the age-old method to manage all the volunteer activity was to create a spreadsheet and maintain all the records, a spreadsheet will require constant backup in your organization. However, if you are in the initial stage and are still growing your organization, a spreadsheet might work well for you.

Nevertheless, after a  point keeping a spreadsheet will increase your work instead of helping you with volunteer management. You will have to take consistent backup and have ample storage space secured for all the volunteer data that keeps coming in. 

So the best way to manage all the volunteer activity is to get excellent management software for your non-profit organization that can store unlimited data and does not require creating additional space for it anywhere. Moreover, a management system also helps you generate automated updates and reminders for the volunteers, so you do not have to remember all the events and campaigns. Just set the date and time for the updates to go live, and you are good to go. 

  • Start delegating work to volunteers. 

Once you have set up your volunteer management software, it is time to delegate all the administrative work to the volunteers. Ensure that you start charging work to volunteers as soon as possible, as making them wait for long can decrease their productivity over time. Some volunteers might also start losing interest in working with your organization because of the inconsistency. 

So it is essential that you keep updating them from time to time about their work and also try to communicate with them about their progress. This way, they will know that you follow strict discipline in your organization, and their presence is vital to it. 

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