How to Enhance Engagements with Author’s Bio Box on Your WP Blog Posts?

Guest posting is a great way to get readers to visit your business website, or to make them subscribe to your future posts. This SEO strategy is being used by most businesses. To gain from your efforts, you will have to do some things right. In addition to writing an interesting post and killer headlines to grab people’s attention, you will have to write a remarkable author’s bio.

If the creativity of your author’s box is ignored, then you will not see any traffic to your website, even if your content is valuable, and the headline is a killer. To attract readers, you need to catch their attention. There are three elements you will need to include in your author’s box.

You need to share some personal information with them –

  • Who you are?
  • Good reasons why they must hear you out
  • Call-to-action [like check your site or blog]

You can also polish it a little more. Be creative and add things that are worth reading. Blog owners can use a responsive plugin like Simple Author Box for WordPress to mange multiple writers on their site. It allows authors to add gravatar, name, and bio at the end of the blog post. You can even link your bio box to more than 30 social media accounts by using the available social icon feature.

Avoid unexciting and tedious bios

Here are a few examples:

How the boring bio boxes read – ‘My name is MaryAnn. I blog about traveling and my blog name is TRAVELLERS BLOG. Thanks for reading my blog post.’

It is boring and has the potential to drive away traffic even if your post is valuable.

How an engaging bio reads – ‘Dorothy Fox grew up in Bronx. She sold books before shifting to a literary publishing company. It is a website for teenagers, where they can exhibit their writing skills. Dorothy worked as a book reviewer of young adults and children’s novels. Teens and college is her debut novel’.

It is interesting and engaging because a young author talks about her experience with the children’s literature. Such bios are realistic and unique, as they talk about author’s work and achievements.

Tell readers to CLICK!

One of the most common mistakes that people make is not telling readers what they want them to do after reading their blog post.  Usually, people prefer being guided online rather than figuring out what to do next. You can include a CTA like ‘Get FREE strategies from XYZ blog’. Ensure to add all crucial Anchor text along with the keyword in right places.

Build a relationship

Many authors link their author’s bio box to their sales page. You can get several one-time sales, but to grab the majority of visitors, build a relationship. First, make them your subscriber or offer something FREE. The FREE things have to be worthy. No matter what you give, but make sure that at the end of the day, it adds value to the business brand community.

Link to landing pages

Instead of linking your guest posts to a random page, set a landing page offering a special bonus to people who found you via that page.

Remember, guest posting bio is not about SEO links, but more about branding yourself and attract direct traffic. Use Simple Author Box Pro, which is one of the best author plugins to date!