HUAWEI Audio Kit – What makes it Special

HUAWEI has brought about a huge improvement, when it comes to offering a convenient and user friendly platform for developing different types of mobile apps. From finance, to audio; it has all the features to help the developers design some of the most advanced and latest apps. Talking of audio; HUAWEI Audio Kit is one of the most effective and efficient means which has enhanced the audio capabilities. It has been developed and designed by Huawei, and offer the capabilities for audio playback. It is based on latest HMS ecosystem; which includes the capabilities of audio encoding and decoding; both at the bottom layer of the system and at the hardware level. It is now possible to quickly develop audio capabilities and different types of audio ass, with the help of the Audio Kit

What are the Requirements?

As an app developer, there are few hardware and software requirements, which needs to be met, in order to use this platform. In the following section, a brief overview on the same would be offered.

1. Hardware Requirements: Here are hardware requirements which are needed for using this platform.

  • A laptop or a desktop, which has Android Studio installed in it.
  • As a developer, you would need a Huawei phone, along with a USB cable, and Android 6.0 or advanced version installed in it. This is required for the purpose of debugging.

2. Software Requirement: When it comes to the software requirements, the followings are required.

  • Java JDK. The recommended version is JDK 1.7
  • Android Studio 3X or its advanced version.
  • Gradle 4.6, or its advanced version.
  • SDK Platform 19, or its latest version.
  • HMS Core (APK) or its latest version.

These are the hardware and software requirements which needs to be met in order to use the audio kit for developing different types of apps. Apart from these, the developers are also required to possess basic knowledge on Android app development. Besides, it is also important to have knowledge on Android App Development Multithreading.

What are the Preparations Required?

The following preparations need to be completed, for the purpose of integrating Huawei Audio Kit.

  • The first thing which needs to be done is to configuring app information in App Gallery Connect.
  • The next step would be creating an Android Studio Project.
  • The final step would be to add a name to the app package and then save the configuration file.

These are some of the basic details which you need to know in order to use this platform and for developing and designing audio apps. It has turned out to be as one of the most popular of mechanisms to be used by the app developers, as it is easy to use, and comes with tons of different types of useful features.

One of the major benefits which it has to offer is the fact that the apps developed on this platform are very user friendly, and offers far advanced audio features