Is there a way to Access Geo-Blocked Streaming Services from any Country? 

Tried to access a streaming service but immediately got shut out? We’ve all been there! There are a few of the best movies coming out, and it gets pretty frustrating when the most we can view is just the teaser, or an ad for it. We want the full movie!

But, sadly, most newly released movies and TV shows are only available on a couple of streaming services. And an even sadder reality? These streaming services are geo-blocked or restricted to only a few countries around the world. So, is there a way to access them? Yes, by using a VPN, you will be able to get immediate access!

How can a VPN allow access to most streaming services around the world?

A VPN, short for Virtual Private Network, is one of the best software available in the market right now that offers access to multiple streaming services from anywhere in the world! How? Well, when you connect to any one of the VPN’s virtual servers, your physical IP address will be shielded and replaced with it.

For example, if you’re trying to access a streaming service like Netflix or Disney Plus, but live in China, or Russia, you will be able to access it by connecting to a US IP address. A VPN offers numerous IP addresses through its virtual servers that you can connect to.

Plus, a VPN software also comes with the adequate features that are strong enough to bypass some of the toughest geo-blocks. Other than that a VPN software offers security protection for both device and data. But, that’s only if you choose the best provider that is reliable and that works.

 However, even though a VPN offers access to multiple blocked services, websites and more, you must use it wisely. Never try to use a VPN to violate copyright laws no matter what platform you’re using it for.

How to access geo-blocked streaming services with a VPN

  • Subscribe to the best VPN for unblocking streaming services, and one that can possibly secure unlimited devices. I would recommend using IPVanish. However, there’s no hard or fast rule, you could always go for the IPVanish free trial to test it out.
  • Once you’ve created your account, download and install the VPN on your supported device.
  • Launch the VPN and sign in to your account.
  • Now, connect to the server you require to unblock the streaming service that you need.
  • Toggle with the VPN settings by choosing the best protocol for effective and speedy streaming. You could always contact the VPN service provider asking for assistance.
  • Launch the streaming service website or app that you’d want to unblock
  • Sign up with it.
  • Start streaming!

There are chances that sometimes a VPN doesn’t work effectively. When that happens, most users resort to using a proxy service. A proxy is another alternative to a VPN that will allow you to access a few streaming services.

 However, the only downside is that a proxy doesn’t offer the same kind of security encryption as a VPN offers. A proxy doesn’t offer servers like a VPN does, but it shields your IP address from being detected. However, I highly doubt it will be successful throughout, with all the streaming platforms.