Laser Cutters and Engravers in Education

Educational institutes need to consider investing in a laser cutter and engraver. Many programs within the school would benefit from having access to a device of this nature. The following are a few of many examples of how a school could use this tool to further the education of its students.


Students studying architecture benefit from having access to a laser cutter and engraver. They can use different materials similar to building materials to create a model of a structure. Doing so allows them to provide a realistic view of the finished structure for a project. The process begins when the student draws the model in a CAD program. Once this has been done, they will be able to laser cut a precise model while eliminating the need for post-processing. Furthermore, students find they can try different materials with the help of the laser cutter to see which works best for a given project.

Fabric Crafts

When a person thinks of materials compatible with a Boss Laser cutter and engraver, fabric typically isn’t one of the things that come to mind. However, using nothing more than a simple CAD design file, individuals can do a variety of things with fabrics while using a laser cutter. They can cut a pattern they designed, produce an applique, or engrave a fabric. Art and design programs often have students design custom fabrics, create unusual papercut designs, or make intricate patterns. They may also use the cutter for school graphics or team apparel. Why send out for custom patches for varsity jackets when the art and design team can make them in-house? Schools can also have students create custom designs for sale in the school store. It’s a great way for an educational institute to bring in some much-needed cash.

Packaging Development

Many schools today have business and graphic design programs. Why not bring these students together to collaborate on package design? The business students create new packaging for existing items or help local inventors design packages for their creations. Once they do so, the designs are turned over to the graphic design team to turn this vision into a reality. Students may do this in a partnership with the local companies and receive credit hours for their work or the opportunity at an internship with the business. This is a great way to build a student’s network and the school may charge for the designs, allowing it to generate additional income.

Consider purchasing one or more laser cutters and engravers for use in classrooms. Once a school sees how beneficial the machine is, it may want to purchase more and expand student opportunities. Making use of the above ideas is an easy way to do so. Reserve any cash generated by student projects for the purchase of additional machines. It’s a great way to raise funds while teaching kids valuable skills they can take into the workplace. This gives them a head start on their career and contacts to reach out to when they do go out on their own. Everyone benefits through this type of collaboration.