Legitimate Ways of Accessing Netflix en Francais a L’etranger

One of the major problems that viewers of French Netflix content face are geo-blocks. Geo-blocks restrict users outside France from accessing premium French content. It doesn’t matter if you’re a premium subscriber. Most users are compelled to use illegal means such as downloading pirated content or using fake streaming platforms. But, breaking such unfair blockades in a legitimate way is possible. Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) enable French viewers stationed outside the country to access HD Netflix content with total impunity. The quality, speed, and content options are the same. VPN software is easy to download. These networks essentially encrypt your private data (such as your device location) so that Netflix’s geotags are not able to block you.

Investing in VPN – Worth the Money?

Given that there are no other ways to watch Netflix en Francais a L’etranger legally other than VPNs, these networks are definitely worth the money. There are several free VPNs in the market. But the paid ones aren’t expensive at all. They cost 5-10€ per month. Most networks offer up to 50% discounts on long-term memberships. The first month of private browsing on these networks is always free. You get total internet anonymity as VPNs allow you to change your device location at will. Hence, unblocking high-quality French content from geographically blocked regions is super-easy.

Data Security

VPNs not only enhance your content viewing experience, but they also offer maximum security to internet users. With VPNs, you can freely download torrents, share confidential information, and remain completely ‘off the grid,’ as all of your private information is encrypted multiple times. VPNs work on all devices and operating systems. Some of the leading VPN service providers include – NordVPN, CyberGhost VPN, SurfShark VPN, Express VPN, Hotspot Shield VPN, and Private VPN. The options are plenty, and the possibilities limitless. The next time someone asks you ‘Comment Avoir Netflix en Francais a L’etranger?’, say ‘get your own VPN’!