NV Binoculars Characteristics to Mind

Binoculars with Camera: Expert Reviews of Top Products + Buying Guide

Don’t choose night vision binoculars by price or brand only. Look closely at the main characteristics of NV binoculars and get to know their meaning and value to strive for the best outcomes in the end. More to this, when studying the features, pay attention to the ones which will enable the multi-purpose use of your night vision device. It may result in an increased price, but you are to attain better outcomes and durable services in the end.

Pay Attention to 3 Main Points

There are multiple features you can pick out your night vision binoculars by, but here are the basics you should definitely take into consideration.

  • Magnification – it is the ratio between the size of the object you see with the naked eye and the size provided through the binocular lenses. The higher the magnification is, the better the binoculars are.
  • Field of view – it is expressed in angular degrees or metres and depends on the size of magnification. It means the size of the area you are able to overview with your night vision binoculars at one look.
  • The diameter of lenses – lens diameter is measured in millimetres. The larger the lenses are, the more light they perceive, as a result, the brighter the received image is. The contrast and overall quality of the received image increases with the size of lenses as well. Mind that the bigger lenses increase the general size and weight of your night vision device, s that it can result in its inconvenience in exploitation.

Do a thorough research, study at least the basics, and be sensible when making the decision on the proper night vision binoculars.