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Overcoming the difficulties due to remote work

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With the increasing timeline of the pandemic and the ongoing lockdown, virtual team management has become one of the important criteria for managing a business effectively. Work from home set up a call for a well demanding dedication to one’s office work due to the absence of monitoring networks and tools. It is soon going to be the future of work but comes with another set of problems. Lack of productivity is one of the most important roadblocks that lie ahead while working remotely. Solutions are constantly being developed from time to time to the problems to ensure the same level of productivity and efficiency which existed during offline office work. Getting accustomed to the new situations can be hard for those who enjoyed working offline but it can be solved by ensuring an effective communication network with the team.

Identifying the roadblocks 

Most of the employees state a lack of productivity and a good support network as the main reasons for working remotely. Some more dimensions can be added and they are as follows:

  1. Lack of proper communication network: This is one of the main problems since it creates difficulty for the employees to understand the real objectives of the project. It prevents them from getting the complete exposure 
  2. Time zones: Different time zones create uncomfortable environments for the employee. The members of the team will not able to manage with the timings of the other.
  3. Team spirit: Amidst the stringent lockdown and the lack of social interactions, it is becoming difficult to maintain the same team spirit throughout. Comprehending the situation of the employees plays a very important role to achieve true team spirit
  4. Lack of effective monitoring: Due to the lack of awareness of employee monitoring tools, it can be quite daunting to ensure productivity among the employees.

Solutions to the problem

Computer tracking software is gaining high popularity due to the fast pace with which the timeline of remote work is moving. Although time zones and efficient communication have to be dealt with at any cost, ensuring productivity among the employees is becoming easier due to many good trackers like Work Examiner. The following reasons can provide one a good idea of the high popularity associated with this software.

  • Instantly alerts the manager when the employees go off the rules
  • Effective and real-time screen recording is made possible
  • Capable of monitoring multiple devices simultaneously 
  • Track all the websites and activity of the user’s screen
  • Real-time reports showing the idle and active time
  • Can prevent the access to dashboards

Hence it is an effective employee monitoring software that can solve half of the problems a manager faces while handling a remote team.

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