Perfect Audiokit Solutions You Can Opt for Now

The IP (Internet Protocol) audio uses speakers connected to the network, using a single Ethernet cable, each one can be controlled individually and energized through a PoE (Power over Ethernet) switch, also saving on infrastructure and facilitating their administration and backup. . Networked audio solutions are easy to install and accessible, since they only require one cable for their connectivity, power and communication.

High-quality networked audiokits offer great benefits, which is why Axis experts comment on three advantages of having these solutions for retail:

Improve Safety In Your Facilities

A network audiokit is the perfect complement to a video-based security installation. For example, in perimeter protection, if an intruder wants to enter a restricted area, the audiokit immediately warns through a previously selected alert message.

Mauricio Swain commented that “in conjunction with network cameras, software and audio, it is possible to detect people moving in the wrong direction and send a notification immediately through a message or an alarm through the loudspeaker. Or, the system could be integrated with audio detection software that would send alerts after detecting high-level sounds, such as gunshots or aggressive screams.

Make Announcements Live Or Scheduled

These types of audiokits respond to the need to provide different types of informational notices and updates in retail environments. For example, when using it to make live announcements to call someone in a specific area or make scheduled news; it also allows you to broadcast live or triggered announcements during an emergency.

Create Environment

Networked audiokits allow you to manage your music, delivering it to your customers through speakers at the correct volume, at a time and place of your choosing. With them it is possible to create an environment with easy and flexible programming of background music, as well as excellent sound, since they have integrated applications such as streaming support services and composite audio player applications on the speakers, as well such as memory cards found in the audiokit. It is through these that a retail business can access the transmission of music to set the atmosphere of its business.

In stores you can choose the public for the announcements you want to send, since they can choose to select and distribute the speakers according to the needs of the business; both for announcements and for background music, so that they do not end up playing the same thing in all sections or sending the same message to the whole crowd, but you can select them and play them in strategic areas to provide better customer service.

  • Having a quiet environment within the office is the best but having an Ambient Sound System that increases productivity is worthless.
  • Numerous companies around the world embrace the theory that silence is best.
  • Well, it is thought that the most efficient employees are those who work in a quiet place all day.
  • Without distractions of any kind, there is no tolerance for either tapping your toes or quietly humming to the beat of the tune.

Importance of the system of an ambient sound system in offices

  • However, there is a growing trend, driven by scientific research recently conducted.
  • When you have a sound system in the office the benefits are all positive.

At home you can also: Automate the sound system

Working with a commercial music provider is a great way to ensure that employees are happier and healthier (and that their work is incredibly profitable).