Professional Benefits of Getting AWS CCP Certified

At this moment, there is a lot of demand for AWS specialists, especially the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioners are in high demand. As a result, if you plan to get certified with the AWS CCP, this is the best time to see a skyrocketing graph hike in your career. 

The AWS Cloud Practitioner Certification is an entry-level credential specially designed for the ones who are starting their journey in the cloud architecture of AWS. The benefits of AWS Cloud Practitioner certifications can assist prospective cloud computing professionals like you in recognizing the hidden prospects in your field. 

In this blog, we will begin with a short description of AWS, then discuss what AWS Cloud Practitioner Cert means, and then start with what are the professional benefits of getting AWS CCP Certified. In short, reading this blog will guide you through everything if you are keen to know about AWS CCP. 

Here are the professional benefits of getting AWS CCP Certified.

What is AWS? 

Before we go into the benefits of AWS CCP certification, let us learn about some AWS fundamentals! AWS is the short abbreviation of Amazon Web Services. It is the leading cloud computing service provider that includes over 100 cloud services. 

Companies worldwide rely on AWS, one of the most trusted cloud services in recent times. The organizations use cloud services from AWS to access databases, computation, storage, security, and various other resources.

AWS implements rigorous security procedures to protect, monitor, and maintain its data centers. As an outcome, AWS stands at the highest position on the cloud service provider lists. The main reason to pursue AWS certifications is AWS’s current demand. Choose the leader if you want to devote time and effort to learn about cloud technology.

What is AWS Cloud Practitioner?

AWS launched the Certified Cloud Practitioner certification in the IT business in December 2020. Someone who can demonstrate a broad understanding of the AWS Cloud, regardless of their work description, can become an AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner. 

Achieving the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner credential demonstrates that you thoroughly understand essential AWS services along with the usage of their applications. Furthermore, obtaining it indicates that you are familiar with AWS’ billing and pricing methods and can explain price, availability, and possibilities to stakeholders. 

Finally, it indicates you are so knowledgeable about how the cloud affects your organisation that you can be trusted to make informed judgments regarding future cloud expenditures.

Many clouds and networking professionals achieve the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner associate-level certification early in their careers. It is a desirable certification since it covers a wide range of AWS Cloud-related topics without focusing too narrowly on any single tool, service, or implementation. 

The Professional Benefits of Getting AWS CCP Certified

Getting certified from AWS not only proves beneficial for professional growth but is a contributing factor to personal development too. Today, we will discuss the professional aspect of AWS CCP benefits. 

  • Pool of Opportunities 

The growing demand for cloud technology is the first benefit worth mentioning in the perks of getting AWS CCP certified. According to data, about 83% of business workloads have been shifted to the cloud in 2020. As the market leader among cloud service providers, there will be a pool of job opportunities for anyone interested in getting certified by AWS. 

AWS holds over 31% of the market, and its revenue increases with each month. Most businesses will require a significant volume of AWS Certified Cloud Practitioners. As a result, taking an AWS CCP certification may showcase your capabilities to potential employers and boost your appeal as a job applicant.

  • Better Job Prospects 

Passing the AWS CCP Certification exam is not simple; therefore, if you want to become an AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner, you will have to put in a lot of effort. To pass the AWS CCP cert, you must score 75% on the exam. 

As a result, anyone who passes the test, especially with a more significant percentage than the passing level, is unquestionably a valued professional in the IT sector. It will help you acquire better work opportunities because HRs want to recruit someone qualified to undertake the function of an AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner in the company. 

Hence, becoming AWS CCP certified can help you bag jobs with some of the industry giants of the IT business.

  • A Higher Salary

The main objective behind candidates opting to achieve certification by investing their time, effort, and money is to get a well-paying job. Hence, the second professional benefit you can enjoy as an AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner is bagging an appointment with a higher LPA than the one you got without being certified. 

If reports are believed, AWS CCP certification has the power to hike a qualified professional’s income by about 25%, according to some verified stats. The AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner exam can help you succeed and improve you as a professional, even if you are new to the platform. 

To Conclude

Thank you for reading the blog! AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner is a valued profession and enjoys many benefits. Training yourself is mandatory if you wish to become a certified AWS Cloud Practitioner. We hope you find the right AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner training course for yourself and succeed in establishing your place in the world of AWS Certified Cloud Practitioners.