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PUBG Mobile vs COD Mobile – Which is better?

by Sheri gill

Battle royale has become a beloved gaming genre for millions of players across the globe. This craze was initially restricted to PCs and consoles but it soon made its way into the mobile gaming world as well.

This gave birth to two of the most iconic mobile gaming giants the world has ever seen – PUBG Mobile and COD Mobile. Players often debate the features, flaws, and other aspects of these games. While both offer some personal touches to this gaming genre, one cannot help but wonder if one is better than the other.

So, we took it upon ourselves to resolve this matter once and for all. Below, you will find out all the major differences between the two gaming titles, which will help you decide which game better suits to your liking. So, without further ado, let’s get started.


Both, PUBG Mobile and COD Mobile features a similar gaming environment where up to 100 different players enter the battlefield with hopes of emerging victorious. Upon touchdown, players have to instantly start searching for weapons, ammo, consumables, and other items to aid their survival.

Throughout the game, the safe zone constantly keeps shrinking, forcing players to move closer and closer to each other. Those lucky enough to make it to the final safe zoneface off in the final deathmatch.

Now, we have got the basics all cleared up, let us discuss what sets these games apart and are they worth it.

Game Modes

When you talk about battle royale, PUBG Mobile is often the game that first comes to mind. The game features the most prominent battle royale environment that has flares, airdrops, and all sorts of battle royale craziness.

In addition, the game offers an arcade, arena, and PlayLab mode. The arcade mode lets you enjoy some simpler gaming formats such as a quick version of battle royale or sniping more. Whereas the arena mode tests your multiplayer skills in 5v5 deathmatches, domination, gun games, and more.

The PlayLab mode makes things a bit more interesting as you have the option to play bothRageGear TDM, where your weapon is your car or you could try out the Payload mode with helicopters, respawns, and other intriguing stuff that the classic mode does not offer.

Moving on to COD Mobile, the game may be more popular for its Multiplayer gaming mode. Similar to PUBG Mobile’s Arena mode, multiplayer enables you to engage in intense matches against enemy players. However, here you have additional exciting features such as scorestreaks, dedicated operator skills, and three different player perks, something that PUBG Mobile desperately lacks.

Even the battle royale environment in this game is slightly different as compared to other games in the genre. Along with other gimmicks of battle royale, before taking off players also need to choose a battle class that gives them special designated abilities throughout the game. You can choose from a medic, scout, airborne, defender, and several other intriguing battle royal classes.

COD Mobile also allow players to rejoin their teammates on the battlefield even after they have died. Upon death, your teammates can grab your dog tags from your crate and scan them to invite you back to the warzone. On the other hand, if you die even once in the PUBG Mobile battle royale game, you are gone for good.


PUBG Mobile lets its players choose from more than 4 different maps covering different kinds of terrain in a battle royale. Depending on the mood, players can choose Erangel, Sanhok, Vikendi, Livik, or the Miramar map for their battle royale experience. COD Mobile, on the other hand, currently has only one classic battle royale map for all of its players.

Other Differences

Everyone has starts searching for airdrops the moment they drop on the battleground. PUBG Mobile also keeps its players busy in search of the rare flare gun that allows players to call their own airdrops any time they wish. COD Mobile, though, does not provide this luxury for its players. Players will have to patiently wait for the airdrops to arrive and then rush for looting. However, COD Mobile makes up for the lack of flare guns by showing the drop locations of all airdrops on the mini-map in the corner. You can simply hop on to a chopper and grab the airdrop in no time.

COD Mobile is nothing if not futuristic.In this game, you can access a floating platform that is often available in battle royale matches. This platform is home to the most exotic loot like legendary weapons, and it keeps all communications like mini-map down for your whole stay.

Minimum Requirements

Both games have similar technical requirements for you to enjoy. While you may be able to adjust with a variation of hardware specifications like RAM, storage, and graphics, the most important of all is the internet connection that you are subscribed to.

Both of these games feature intense combats, fast-paced action, and high-resolution graphics, which require a powerful internet connection. We suggest you try out Spectrum internet as it is home to the most reasonable and efficient internet packages available in the United States. Simply log on to Buy TV Internet Phone to find out whether this internet service provider is available in your region.

The Final Verdict

There is a lot more that both of these gaming giants have to offer for their players. This is only the tip of the iceberg of this battle royale duo. While both have their own pros and cons, neither of them compromises on the level of entertainment that they provide for their players. Now, it is up to you to decide which battle royale environment tempts your heart.

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